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Real Estate Realities: Tales from the front line of buying and selling San Francisco real estate:

How to Properly Mix Business with Pleasure

Bernal Heights Real Estate For Sale While at a client’s housewarming party, I was introduced to my client’s friend, Steve, who was looking to buy a house in San Francisco. It was a party so we had a casual, light-hearted conversation, and he asked me to follow-up with him during the work week. The next business day, I called Steve. He said hat he was frustrated with his current Realtor. The agent was sending him real estate listings he couldn’t afford and/or didn’t like. Steve sensed he was neither a good listener nor a strong negotiator. Steve came in for an initial consultation with my team and we created a focused, strategic plan to achieve his goals. After touring about 6 homes in Noe Valley and Bernal Heights, each of which met his needs, we made a successful offer and closed a smooth escrow. We used a focused approach and he found the right home. Last month, I went to Steve’s house-warming party and met a lady who was hoping to sell her house in…well, you know the rest.

The Collective

We are a collective of highly experienced, full-time real estate agents, founded by DanielleLazier, who believe that real estate is not just about square footage. It's about how you live inside & outside of your home. We are skilled consultants, down-to-earth educators, fierce negotiators and organized project managers. Our top priority when we work with a client is to provide a 5 star experience delivering the best results possible.

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