Take a San Francisco Property Tour With Us!

Take a San Francisco Property Tour With Us!

Pretend you’re a Realtor for the next few minutes and join us on a San Francisco property tour! Yesterday was Tuesday which meant Real Estate Agents across San Francisco spent an inordinate amount of time in their cars, driving around the city, double parking, grabbing lunch on the go and looking at property. It is a weekly event known in the biz as “Broker Tour”.  We at SFhotlist also like to call it “Agent Property Tour” – it’s an opportunity for agents to preview property which is currently for sale in San Francisco before we see it with our clients. Often times we as Realtors are the first to see a newly listed property on this Tuesday tour. It’s one of the ways we curate for our clients; we view a property and if it’s a good fit, we show it to our buyer-clients.

Here are a few photos of some things that caught our eye while we were out and about yesterday. Later today, we’ll be putting even more photos on the SFhotlist Facebook page, so stop by and check them out (and “Like” us while you’re there!).  San Francisco Real Estate is about bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens and it’s also about neighborhoods and the way we live in our personal spaces.


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