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Get Pre-Approved with a San Francisco Mortgage Broker or Lender

Getting ready to buy a home in San Francisco? Need to figure out your accurate purchasing power in today’s market? Curious about how much house you can and should afford? Need advice on what type of loan is best for you? FHA, Conventional, Fractional TIC? You need to align yourself with a highly professional and incredibly trust-worthy San Francisco mortgage broker or lender. As you know, we strongly recommend that you get “pre-approved” for home loan financing before hitting the open house pavement so you can focus your search on the best homes that will meet your needs: location, size AND affordability.

Recommended San Francisco Mortgage Brokers and Bankers

A mortgage broker can help you with home loan products from a multitude of banks. A mortgage banker or mortgage lender works for a particular bank and can help you with their bank’s options. One size does not fit all. If you’re not sure which option is better for you, give us a call so we can briefly discuss your personal situation and see who may be the best fit. We work with these folks on a regular basis and know from experience that they professional, reliable, trust-worthy, and highly ethical. We have no financial relationship with them. We treasure our clients and only refer to the best in the business, yet we encourage you to talk to a couple of different mortgage brokers or banker and decide for yourself who is the right fit. Believe us, which San Francisco home loan lender you work with will make a difference to the success of your transaction and your enjoyment of the process. (Caveat: Banks can be picky and overly bureaucratic. There are hoops to jump through but today’s historically low mortgage rates are worth the effort.) Make sure to tell them Danielle Lazier and the Collective sent you…


Tracy Andreini

Tracy Andreini Mortgage Advisor

Opes Advisors 510.844.6301 Learn More
Brandon Hoyles

Brandon Hoyles Director of Business Development

SoFi Lending 415-604-4124 x 1145 Learn more
Amy Ku

Amy S. Ku VP, Mortgage Sales Manager

HSBC 650-222-5645 Learn more
Natasha Lovas

Natasha Lovas Home Financing Expert

Guarantee Mortgage 415-694-5544 Learn more
Is there an excellent San Francisco mortgage broker missing from this list? Please introduce us!