John P. 

Tanya and Danielle are truly the best in the business. 5+ years ago we worked with them on purchasing our home in SF (see my other review), and a couple months ago we also hired them to sell our home. They far and away exceeded all of our expectations. Our situation was a bit complicated because we had to move out of the area before our house went on the market. Nonetheless, the process was seamless and we ended up getting many great offers on the house. Tanya and Danielle were wonderful about setting expectations for how the process would work, what repairs we needed to have done, and what type of offers we could expect. They also helped arrange all repairs, landscaping, and staging in preparation for putting the house on the market. The marketing materials for the house, as well as the staging were all incredibly professional. They were both remarkably attentive to our questions, and kept us updated almost daily throughout the process. I cannot imagine working with better realtors.

Noelle B. 

From the moment we met Sasha Lupercio from SFhotlist we knew we were in great hands.  I had previously scheduled 2 upcoming appointments to interview real estate agents and immediately cancelled after meeting with Sasha. The whole process from the start was completely seamless- Sasha gave us such great advice on how to best show our home and how to obtain the highest selling price- and she exceeded our expectations from start to finish. From the impeccable customer service to the incredible marketing program Sasha and the SFHot List team has in place, we were able to sell our home in just 4 short days and at a record selling price for our area. I would highly recommend Sasha and the SFhotlist team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home as we had such a fantastic experience!

Jacqueline H.

We met Lucas Sorah at a beautiful condo in Bernal he was representing in January. We had only been in SF two months (moved from NYC), had never owned and thought we were a year away from being able to buy a place. After our initial conversation with Lucas however, he convinced us there was no need to wait that long. He is so easy to talk to, even for two introverts, that by the end of our first meeting we couldn’t wait to start looking at places together. Mid-way through our first day of open house tours Lucas had honed in on what we were looking for, even before we did. We thought we needed to look in East Bay but he knew we’d be happiest in the city, and he showed us that it was possible to buy something we loved right here in SF. Long story short, we just moved into our first home three weeks ago, in Noe Valley (what!), after our second offer was accepted just 2 months after meeting Lucas. Having heard stories from people we know who had looked for over a year and made dozens of offers before being successful, we feel incredibly lucky to have met Lucas when we did. There are lots of reasons why we will recommend Lucas to all our friends and family, and it boils down to a few key factors: 1) As we learned first hand, most of the business in this city/market is handled by just a handful of agents, and Lucas is one of them. With his connections and resources not only did he focus our attention on listings that were a good fit for us and where we could be competitive, he was also able to show us off-market listings that we never would have known about otherwise. 2) He’s always made us feel like we were his only clients, he’s been straight-forward with us, and he’s managed our expectations professionally from day one. He was available to us as much as we needed, and more importantly we were a team — the process was collaborative which is what made it so fun and rewarding. He’s the reason we never got discouraged. 3) His experience, knowledge and intuition about the market is so finely-tuned that we quickly realized the best thing we could do for ourselves when making an offer was to trust his recommendation completely. Time and again his gut was spot on for what a place would receive in terms of offers and predicting the successful sale, and ultimately we witnessed first hand how he delivers on his promise: with Lucas you “win” on your third offer or sooner. If you trust him, you’ll be successful. 4) With Lucas you get so much more than just an agent – you get an entire team of experts that have been closing homes together for years. We didn’t know anyone in the city or know where to start with the loan process. Lucas introduced us to our mortgage broker who guided us through the confusing process and made the entire experience less stressful. He also introduced us to a roster of folks we would end up needing: our insurance agent, home-warranty agent, even our cleaner! Finally I would be remiss if I did not mention that Lucas and his team stage the most compelling open houses we saw in SF, hands-down. If we end up selling in the future there’s no one else we’d consider for the sale. We’ve already been talking to Lucas about the work we plan to do to our new place, with future resale value in mind. Our experience could not have been better from beginning to end, we are truly happy with our new home, and we have Lucas to thank for that.

Zakir P.

When I finally decided I was ready to buy in the Bay Area I knew I could reach out to Danielle and her team for guidance on who to work with. Although I wanted to work with her, I was looking in the Oakland area and knew the next best thing would be her wise recommendation. She connected me with an amazing agent and within 2 months I was in my new loft in the Fruitvale area. I never thought it would be that easy and simple but with someone like Danielle and her network it removed any anxiety or vetting process. I know I can trust her guidance – no questions asked!

Jen R.

Danielle and her team are truly something special, and definitely one of, if not *the* best agent in the city. We worked with them as sellers, and then as buyers, and they gave us amazing advice at each step. They really know their field and are experts in it. In particular, they completely live up to their slogan of “knowing Bernal” (both of our homes, sold and new, are in the neighborhood). They are strategic, thoughtful, patient, and supportive. We could not be happier with our experience and couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Carol M.

Danielle was our selling agent for a condo in SF.  Our experience with her could not have been better.  Our condo was prepped for sales (carpet and handyman work), staged, listed and in contract all in 3 weeks.  We used Danielle’s list of vendors and were very happy with them.  Danielle, Zena and the rest of the SF Hotlist team were a pleasure to work with.  They were responsive to any questions we had and kept us well informed every step of the way.  They are truly experts at their craft.

Asi B.

I met Lucas as he was representing an open house for an incredible condo in in Bernal. It was clear this thing was going to go well over asking, and well over my budget, but still ended up having a great conversation with him. I’ve been looking on and off for years, figuring there was little a buying agent could do for me more than I could do on my own with some well crafted Zillow and Redfin alerts. I’d heard of off-market listings, but every realtor I had spoken to had promised big and never delivered. Sure enough, within a week or two of having met him, Lucas emailed me with an off-market listing in Duboce. Not the area I had been focused on, but figured i’d check it out. I’m so glad we did. Even with the rainy, dark, and miserable weather and the general clutter of an un-staged home, it was clear this could be an incredible home. The escrow process was not without difficulties – an inept insurance salesman, an over-aggressive underwriting department of a smaller bank – but Lucas worked closely with the seller to guide this all to completion.

Jenny M.

I worked with Lucas Sorah for my home buying process, and from the start he was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and excited to work with a first time home buyer. We sat down a few times before officially starting looking for houses to discuss the SF market, different neighborhoods, my likes and dislikes, and what the process would look like moving forward. Once we started process of getting the loan approved and narrowing in on neighborhoods, it was clear that Lucas was very tuned in to the market dynamics of the city. We placed an offer on a house over the asking, but under what Lucas had recommended, and the house sold to someone else for exactly the price Lucas thought it would! The same held true for houses that we didn’t end up placing an offer on, but that were sold within a few days of being on the market. So when we found a place that we thought could be the one (the place was not on the market), we worked closely with Lucas on the offer and to our delight, was accepted! Couldn’t be more happy to have had a good partner and someone in your corner throughout the process. My only word of advice would be to get the loan 100% buttoned up before placing in an offer. That turned out to the be most stressful part of our experience and things would have been a lot more smooth had we nailed down that first. But then we may not have found the place we did… so I guess it all balances out!

Lauren E.

Danielle and her team (I worked primarily with Debbie, who is fantastic) are top-notch in terms of reputation, expertise, professionalism and dedication. I could not recommend them more highly and spoke with (and even worked with) several other agents during my house hunting process.

Sean H.

We just bought a new home with Debbie, Danielle and the SF Hotlist team. The experience went really well. Debbie is super knowledgeable when it comes to the SF real estate market. Her relationships with the other agents around the city helped us get the information we needed to navigate the craziness of the SF real estate scene. What I learned about this process is that there is a A LOT that needs to happen between getting an offer accepted and actually closing a month later. We definitely wouldn’t have made it through that complicated part of the process without guidance / heavy lifting from Debbie and Danielle and their team. So when you are looking to choose an agent, make sure to get a sense of how your agent will help you navigate the second half of the buying process. We don’t plan to buy / sell a home again anytime soon. But if we did, I would definitely recommend the SF Hotlist team.

Hao W.

This review is long overdue, especially since my home-buying experience began in earnest about seven months ago. My girlfriend and I were looking to purchase a place in San Francisco, which, seemed like quite a harrowing experience at the start given all the possible complications associated with purchasing a home here (i.e. dated buildings, earthquake prone areas etc). However, once we met Debbie in person and chatted about our plans, we felt that Debbie was definitely the right person to assist us in looking for a home. Through the course of the next few months, Debbie was frequently on the lookout for new homes that came on the market and regularly suggesting new open houses that we should check out on the weekends (this was no small feat considering we didn’t have a particular area / type of home in mind). After visiting more open houses together and sharing our thoughts about certain homes, Debbie seemed to know exactly what we were looking for. In no time at all, she showed a great intuition for finding and suggesting homes she thought we would like. Debbie would often check out an open house on a weekday while both my girlfriend and I are working, and if there was something about the place she thought we would like / didn’t like, she’d share her thoughts and help us prioritize how we would look at the open houses. This definitely helped us save a lot of precious time shuttling between open houses on the weekends. While we were still looking out for homes, Debbie was very responsive with all forms of communications. On some occasions, when we randomly saw new units come up on Zillow / Trulia, we’d ask if Debbie could help us schedule a showing. Somehow she was able to always find some time on her calendar to accompany us to the showing, or do some research about the unit, or schedule some time with the selling broker within the next day or two. She was always very candid with her thoughts on different places as well, and we always valued the knowledge she shared about different homes / districts in SF. When we eventually shortlisted a couple of homes that we were interested in making offers for, the purchasing experience became slightly tense. We realized on a fine Monday afternoon that we only had several hours to choose and make an offer for one of three homes that we really liked as two of the three units were closing on their offers. I still remember how stressed my girlfriend and I were that afternoon since it was a huge decision to make in the space of a few hours. We called Debbie countless times that afternoon to seek her advice, and we were extremely grateful to Debbie for keeping us calm, guiding us to making a great decision and expertly negotiating the offer that we were making. She was always more than happy to reach out to the buyer’s agents to negotiate on our behalf and go above and beyond to help us out in more ways than we could count. Eventually, we found a truly exceptional home, and we’re happy to say that we couldn’t have done it without Debbie! Many thanks to her, Danielle, and the rest of the Keller-Williams team for making our dream possible!

Alex B.

After working with another agent and writing at least 14 offers we decided to rethink our agent selection. After multiple referrals to Lucas Sorah and his SFhotlist team we decided to give him a call. Within 2 weeks of searching with Lucas for a new home, he had gotten us into contract on the most gorgeous home ever in the Sunset. Best part, the house was not even on the market yet, therefore we had no competition with other offers and we were able to snatch it up before anyone else could view it. Lucas’s contacts and networks within the SF real estate market is what made this transaction possible. His knowledge of current market conditions is amazing. Every step of the home search was customized to our needs and made us feel extremely confident and comfortable with all of our decisions. We can’t say enough great things about Lucas! Seriously, we wished we would have worked with him from the very beginning! He is truly talented at what he does and you can tell he really enjoys being a Realtor in SF! I will be referring him and his team to all my friends and colleagues, no doubt!!

Alex B.

This review is a little overdue but allowing a few months to pass has given me even more perspective and appreciation for Debbie, Danielle and their SF Hotlist team. I decided I wanted to buy my own place in San Francisco after getting fed up with overpriced rent and was referred to Debbie and Danielle. From my first introduction to the day I closed, Debbie and her colleagues exuded nothing but professionalism, concern for my wants and needs and the utmost expertise in this region. Not to mention, their collective reputation precedes them. Danielle runs a tight ship with her team, and their coordinated efforts (especially once in escrow) reflect their combined experience and desire for perfection. To speak more specifically to my experience, I gave Debbie some difficult criteria to work with, given my very high expectations and very low financial commitment. I hate overpaying for anything and explained that I wanted to prioritize good value and a smart financial purchase, while ticking as many of my “must-have” boxes as possible. Although we originally targeted some less desirable neighborhoods, Debbie and Danielle were able to help me write a compelling enough offer to get into a prime SF neighborhood under market rates, due in large part to their reputation and the seller’s agent’s desire to work with Debbie over agents with clients putting more on the table. Even though I felt like I was a challenging client, Debbie never made me feel that I was any less important than any other client. Debbie is always very responsive, notwithstanding how remarkably busy she is, and she always makes you feel like you are her only client. She is very savvy but practical at the same time and always has her clients’ best interests at heart. The affiliates that SF Hotlist works with (for things like financing, escrow, title insurance, etc.) are all top-notch and you always feel like you are in good hands. I cannot speak highly enough of this team and look forward to getting back in touch in a few years when I’m ready for an upgrade!

Bryan C.

Debbie did an outstanding job for us in purchasing a home and really put in the extra effort through the entire process. Along with all of her hard work, I think it was the extra touches that really presented our offer above all others and got us a home in San Francisco that we love. Thanks Debbie and the entire SF Hotlist team!

Gerry T.

We had the pleasure of working with Sasha Lupercio in order to sell our Pointe Pacific., Daly City, Ca home. Sasha was remarkably professional and competent; she is well organized and a most welcomed agent in a very competitive market. We highly recommended Sasha’s services to others interested in selecting a friendly and helpful person for selling or buying property. Thank you Sasha. Gerry Takano and Michael Stick

Zak M.

Danielle sold our condominium located in Noe Valley. She is a complete professional, and I have absolutely no reservations about recommending her for any real estate transaction. Our condominium was located in a very desirable neighborhood and, in my view, it would not have taken much marketing to fetch a price that would have satisfied us. Other realtors may have taken this as an opportunity to go easy on the marketing. Not Danielle. She and her team produced an incredible brochure highlighting not only the desirable aspects of the home, but also the unique aspects of the part of the neighborhood where it is located. She also organized several open houses over a period of two weeks, including two on weekdays. Overall, her marketing efforts went above and beyond what we could have expected. Our home sold for far more than what we expected, and I attribute this to Danielle’s marketing. She and her team are also incredibly organized. This helped in many respects, but especially with staging, painting, documents, reviewing offers and finalizing the transaction. Following execution, we received a fully copy of all documents on a thumb drive. Danielle and her team were always available to answer questions, and they always did so in an informative and timely manner. On top of all of this, Danielle is a great person and, as you would expect, the people on her team are also very nice. I recommend Danielle for any real estate transaction in San Francisco. She is exceptional, and would be an asset to to anyone buying or selling real estate.

Martin S.

We truly couldn’t have wished for better partners that Tanya and Danielle for our first home purchase. From the first day when we approached them with no end of beginners questions (which were all patiently and comprehensively answered), through the long process of understanding the San Francisco real estate market, our own tastes and our own budget, to the mad rush of putting together an offer, nailing down the fine details of financing, and finally closing the purchase, Tanya and Danielle were always there with a calm confidence, a smile, and all the support and advice we needed. And even after we took ownership, Tanya brought us the keys along with a bottle of champagne and a list of trusted recommendations for movers, contractors, and everything new homeowners might need. We can’t recommend Tanya and Danielle highly enough!

Christine E.

Certain people come into your life when you really need them and boy is that never more true for me than now. Lucas Sorah listened as I cried about a break-up and then he told to put my big girl panties on and buy my own apartment. He took such kind gentle care of me when one place got away and just kept assuring me that we would find the perfect place and we did, in hardly no time at all and now today I have my keys and I’m ready to move in and start the next chapter! Buying a place in SF is scary and competitive and you need a great realtor, their knowledge and contacts. So thank you Lucas Sorah and the team at Keller Williams!

Jess H.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Danielle and Tanya on two home purchases and one sale. They helped us buy our first condo and then to graduate to a gorgeous single family home when we were ready. We’re happily settled into our new place and just closed the sale of the condo at well above asking! The experience was excellent. The whole team is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and capable. They have the kind of relationships that help smooth the home-buying process and are able to anticipate and address issues and anxieties. Moving is stressful, so it’s a huge help to know you’re in good hands. In addition to being repeat customers, we’ve referred friends to Danielle and Tanya and they have also had great experiences. We’re hoping we found our forever home, but if we move again, we know just who to call. Big thanks to the whole team!

Chaitanya P.

I bought a place in the Inner Mission and having the SFHotlist agency (more specifically my contact Sasha) was of great help. I am very new to not only the home buying process but also the San Francisco market(this was my first home.) From my initial meeting with Sasha, to the final day that I got the keys I was always looked after. We had an introductory meeting where I got all the details of the SFHotlist process, followed by emails on a weekly basis of listings for places that were on the market. The listings I got were based on the first discussion that we had where Sasha asked me what it was I was looking for, how much I wanted to pay and which neighborhoods I was interested in. The listings got more unique to me the more I said yes/no to the options I had seen. I found a place that met all my requirements and asked Sasha what she thought about going to put a bid on it. I wanted to put a bid at the asking rate, and she advised me to go a little under to leave a little wiggle room for negotiation. A week later we got a counter offer that was ~15% more than I bid. Sasha was able to negotiate and with a bit of back and fourth she got the owner to accept a bid at ~6% more than my asking, and only 2% more than the original asking price. (I even later found out that she was doing all this negotiating for me while she was on vacation in Hawaii where she was getting engaged(oops)). But I think the combination of her dedication to her clients as well as her commanding knowledge of the market makes her (and the agency she represents) the best realtor/service I could have worked with. I would without a doubt request her services in the future. Thank you so much!!!

Amee R

Seriously! Why aren’t there more than 5 stars to choose from? Danielle Lazier’s team totally deserves them! What better way to begin a New Year than to move into your first fancy SF condo? There is no better way thanks to Lucas Sorah and Danielle Lazier who help to make my life long dream come true. After years of renting in San Francisco and waiting for the right moment Lucas reminded me that I am ready and the time to buy is now. Let’s face it, SF is a tough market and I’ve seen friends search for years before getting into their own place. Once Lucas and I began working together to find the right home it literally took a week before I was in escrow. Lucas Sorah is especially knowledgeable and made sure to educate me at each crucial step demystifying an otherwise complex process. A million Thank Yous Lucas and Danielle for making this important life changing event seamless and so worth it! If you haven’t had the chance to meet or work with this team then I have one question for you… What are you waiting for??

Jessica H. & Kat R

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Danielle and Tanya on two home purchases and one sale. They helped us buy our first condo and then to graduate to a gorgeous single family home when we were ready. We’re happily settled into our new place and just closed the sale of the condo at well above asking! The experience was excellent. The whole team is incredibly knowledgable, professional, responsive, and capable. They have the kind of relationships that help smooth the home-buying process and are able to anticipate and address issues and anxieties. Moving is stressful, so it’s a huge help to know you’re in good hands. In addition to being repeat customers, we’ve referred friends to Danielle and Tanya and they have also had great experiences. We’re hoping we found our forever home, but if we move again, we know just who to call. Big thanks to the whole team!

Phillip and Ana C

We had the pleasure of working with Sasha (and Danielle) on the purchase of a condo. Sasha and Danielle were extremely helpful in helping us navigate the difficult landscape that is San Francisco real estate. They were an incredibly effective team through all steps of the purchasing process, from listening to our purchasing goals, to educating us on real estate patterns (down to the neighborhood by transaction), to identifying the right opportunity, negotiating the deal, and closing. (They even were extremely helpful post closing – after the deal was completely done!) They have an immaculate attention to detail, are incredibly data driven in their approach, and are extremely good at anticipating a client’s needs and acting proactively. A+ all around, we recommend Danielle and her team to anybody needing a broker in San Francisco!


Every homeowner knows the importance of selecting the right agent, and there are many factors to consider: professionalism, attentiveness, experience, and extensive knowledge of the area, or more specifically the neighborhood surrounding your home. Danielle has these qualities and many more. She and her team guided us on every step with a clear goal of receiving the best price for our home in Bernal Heights. Danielle was exceptional on advising us the prepping phase to our home before placing it on the market. The improvements and staging were definite factors on getting a high number of visitors to the open house, and finally an offer we couldn’t refuse. Danielle is also connected with some very skilled partners who are able to work efficiently and quickly. When it came time to select a painter, and stager, several companies were presented. This is exactly what we expected. Being able to get multiple bids is important to us. If you have a home to sell in Bernal Heights or the Mission, call Danielle. She is clearly the top agent in both areas. Thanks Danielle, for being an outstanding partner with the sell our Elsie home.

Amee R

I can’t say enough good things about Danielle’s SF Hotlist team. I especially wanted to acknowledge Debbie Rutledge. My husband and I met Debbie at an open house early in the year and right away, she was super welcoming and attentive to our needs in helping us find our perfect home. After months of searching and just 2 offers later, we finally closed on our first home in San Francisco! Without Debbie, this would not have been possible. The entire process was flawless and she took extra time to make sure we were taken care of. Kudos to the whole team in being rock stars in the long home buying process!! Don’t hesitate and give them a call!

Jerry B

I recently worked with Danielle Lazier and Michael Minson to sell my home in Bernal Heights from across the country. Any concern I had trying to sell a property from the east coast was alleviated when I met with Michael and Danielle. They set a very high bar in our initial meeting and exceeded it at every juncture along the way. From preparing and pricing my home through staging and presenting, their valuable insights and recommendations were so helpful and spot on. They were responsive to all my questions and were able to take care of everything after our first meeting without me having to leave the east coast. I was very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend using them for any real estate transactions. Not only are the best at what they do, they do it with genuine kindness and total transparency. The entire team is smart, knowledgeable, efficient, organized and authentic! Truly the best!

Mia C. & Blake R.

Debbie and Danielle are fearless agents with the RESILIENCE and DRIVE needed in San Francisco’s challenging market. Their passion shows in their TIRELESS WORK ETHIC, HONESTY and true desire to see their client’s achieve their goals. If you want to buy a home in San Francisco you need CLOSERS who know how to prepare a ROCK SOLID OFFER. Debbie and Danielle partnered with the best team in the city so that we came out on top and won Debbie and Danielle have been there every step of the way, cheering us on as we settle into home ownership. They’re ready to lend a helping hand with referrals of any kind and sweet gifts to MAKE US FEEL SPECIAL We could not be more thankful to this team for making our dreams come true.

-Andrea C

Danielle is the best-prepared, most data-driven and market-savvy broker with whom I have ever done business. She has also managed to build along with her an organization that manages every step of the transaction. That made selling my home an organized, streamlined process. I’d recommend her to any seller of a San Francisco home.

Randall W

Working with Sasha at SFhotlist was a great experience. Quite simply we found our dream condo on our first full day touring. That same day Sasha showed us several other homes we would of been happy to call home. The process for finding a home was quick and easy thanks to Sasha. During the finals days before closing Sasha showed her true value in some tough negotiations with the sellers. She was able to ask the tough questions and see us through to the close We appreciate Sasha and the SfHotlist team.L

Rick A

In the spring of 2016 we listed with our large Noe Valley Victorian home Danielle Lazier. We had three agents give us marketing proposals with their listing price. All were close, yet Danielle’s marketing plans won. Little did we know how complicated this sale would become or how awesome Danielle and her team were. Our winning offer came in 17% over asking, above all expectations. Yet closing this deal proved difficult. Danielle put in whatever was necessary: meeting the lenders of our buyer multiple times, daily updates from the buyer’s agent, several conversations with legal. Above and beyond does not do justice to her work. Wow, thanks Danielle!

Roy H

I cannot recommend Danielle highly enough. Danielle was able to sell my house within a month with no contingencies and all cash payment!! She and her team are very customer oriented, and will drop everything to make sure her clients are served well, answering clients’ questions at twelve in the morning. She is a very good problem solver and straight forward whenever she see any problems in your property. Her experience and connections in the real estate industry can help anyone who are thinking to sell their property. I am lucky that I hired her to help me sell my house. Selling your property is a life time decision and having someone like Danielle can help you sleep every night before your house is sold. Whoever hires Danielle will not regret!!!

Alex R

I am really impressed with how quick and trouble-free this whole process has been. Our previous experience buying a condo was nowhere near as smooth.

James M

It is a pleasure to recommend Danelle Lazier and Michael Minson. These two are a class act. We recently sold our home in Bernal Heights and it was terrific working with them. Their knowledge of the market was awesome and they knew how to present our home in its best light. The proof is in the putting. We received 15 offers and the home sold for several hundred thousand dollars over the asking price. In addition they run a tight ship. Everyone on their team was very friendly, prompt and knowledgeable. We were kept in the loop on every detail and there were no surprises. We had lived in our home for 25 years and Danielle and Michael were very sensitive to the emotional side of the sale as well. We found them because we saw a video they did for another property in Bernal. The video was so clever that we called for an interview. We had a hunch that these two were the best agents that we could get and it turned out that we were right. We could not be happier with the experience and the results. If you are considering selling your home you need to give these guys a call! They are simply the best at what they do.

Shannon S

Just a few months ago, my husband and I made the decision to purchase a home in Bernal Heights, one of the most competitive markets in the city. We met Lucas when we attended our first Open House. He was friendly and professional, not pushy at all. We did not have a real estate agent at the time, but we fell in love with the place. We had to act fast if we wanted to make an offer. So, Lucas came to the rescue. He had actually reached out to us, just as we were about to call him. It was a perfect match! Lucas knew we wanted to be aggressive. Being relatively competitive people, my husband and I bought into his mantra, “We’re in it to win it!” We “lost” on our first offer but were more determined than ever. Going into an open house with Lucas gave us confidence. As we walked through each house he pointed out both positives and negatives. He strategized and let us know whatever info he could get from the selling agents. Not too long after that first offer, we fell in love with another house. We followed his advice and “won”. Unfortunately that wasn’t the end. We had financing issues which was totally out of his control, but Lucas came to the rescue and did what he could. He wouldn’t let us lose the house and used his negotiating skills to get us an extension from the sellers, twice. Needless to say, we were stressed, but Lucas told us to hang in there. Well, it all worked out and we were able to close and move in. Thank you, Lucas! I would most certainly recommend Danielle’s team and Lucas in particular.


Thanks so much to this amazing team! We are amazed by your dedication and are ever grateful.

Angela L

No need to think twice. Sasha and her team are over the top the best professional agents you can find in the city. Sasha represented us as our buyer agent and as first time home buyers, it was the best decision we’ve ever made. After over a year of dealing with other agents that felt more like salesmen more than anything else, we were exhausted until we finally met Sasha at an open house, we knew right away she genuinely wants to help her local community find their dream home. And she did! Sasha worked around the clock for us and as we had an insane amount of questions regarding every minor detail, I love how Sasha keeps her cool and calmness throughout the entire process and responds immediately no matter what time of day. She knows all the ins and outs of the industry and every trick of the trade. She’s transparent, no hidden agendas, really just trust her. Don’t think it’s impossible to find your dream home, just let Sasha and her team guide you and magic will happen. After we just closed our deal, her entire team is on it with all the next steps, suggestions for moving contacts, the whole package. I can’t express how grateful we are to have found them! Thank you sfhotlist team!


Thank you Danielle and Sasha! You and your team are over the top amazing and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Sean and Paul

We are very very happy our choice of realtors. We had a hunch about you guys and it was accurate and beyond. We have been impressed by your professionalism and compassion, and your take on the market was considered and clever. Your counsel in this entire transaction has been invaluable. We are happy to recommend you and your excellent team!


Thanks so much for your combined effort in putting all the pieces together to make this a successful and smooth transaction. In particular we would like to thank Debbie for the vendor referrals, contacts and the speedy responses to any of our questions We’re sure Linda will be able to enjoy the home for many years to come. We’ll be sure to refer your company to friends and family in the bay area.

Amy S.

Danielle and her team represented us in selling our Condo in the Mission District and buying a Single Family Home in Sunnyside. They delivered great results and made it as painless as possible for my family. When we found the home of our dreams, Danielle immediately got on it and our offer was accepted. The house was ours within a month! Then, She and her team did a wonderful job preparing our condo to sell. They quickly got the house staged, marketing materials out, and open houses/brokers tours scheduled. We were planning to show the house two weekends before we started accepting offers, but we got three amazing offers after just the first open house! I really believe Danielle’s professionalism and reputation helped us to quickly seal the deal on our dream house and also to get very solid offers on our condo. The best part about it all was that we did not have to get bogged down with any details. Danielle kept the communication high level (which we preferred) and only brought us into the details of the transaction if some input or decision was required from us. We had an unusual and frustrating situation with our HOA for our condo that we were selling which prolonged our escrow timeline, but Danielle and her team worked hard to get all of the required information and to not drag my husband and I into it unless it was necessary or would expedite things. I would definitely recommend Danielle and her team!

Elena K

AMAZING TEAM|| From the first meeting with Danielle Lazier I knew right away, I had “the professional” who can handle the sale of our cherished home. She exuded the confidence and demonstrated the knowledge of our neighborhood and the city. Her team support was awesome. They worked with us and the buyers with precision and sensitivity during the whole transaction. I will recommend Danielle Lazier and her team to my friends and family without reservation.

Laura M

We worked with Danielle and Zena to sell our 1 bedroom condo in North Beach last month and we would definitely recommend them! We appreciated the depth of their team and how easy they made the process for us in terms of setting up staging, painting, inspections, etc. We also were really impressed by the quality and attention to detail of their marketing materials. At Danielle’s recommendation, we had two weekends of open houses before accepting offers. We received 6 solid offers and were very happy with the offer we accepted. It was only a month from the time we moved out of our home until it closed (including painting, staging, photography, open houses, offers, and a 10-day closing) which was really important to us since we had to pay rent on a temporary place and wanted to minimize the time of paying both mortgage and rent. The speed with which their team was able to get the house ready was a big selling point for us. Thanks Danielle and Zena!

Ms Q

Danielle and her team represented us in selling our Condo in the Mission District and buying a Single Family Home in Sunnyside. They delivered great results and made it as painless as possible for my family. When we found the home of our dreams, Danielle immediately got on it and our offer was accepted. The house was ours within a month! Then, She and her team did a wonderful job preparing our condo to sell. They quickly got the house staged, marketing materials out, and open houses/brokers tours scheduled. We were planning to show the house two weekends before we started accepting offers, but we got three amazing offers after just the first open house! I really believe Danielle’s professionalism and reputation helped us to quickly seal the deal on our dream house and also to get very solid offers on our condo. The best part about it all was that we did not have to get bogged down with any details. Danielle kept the communication high level (which we preferred) and only brought us into the details of the transaction if some input or decision was required from us. We had an unusual and frustrating situation with our HOA for our condo that we were selling which prolonged our escrow timeline, but Danielle and her team worked hard to get all of the required information and to not drag my husband and I into it unless it was necessary or would expedite things. I would definitely recommend Danielle and her team!

James L

Danielle and her team are unlike any other real estate team I have worked with. When she asked us about how we wanted our custom designed marketing logo to be made, I knew we found the right team to sell our home. You get a fully functioning real estate team when you buy or sell with SFHotlist. They handle all elements of the process diligently and professionally. I will definitely leverage them again if the need arises.

Jane S

My husband and I had an amazing experience working with Debbie and Danielle to buy our first home. We started the house hunting process with a different realtor about a year ago and put several offers on houses with no luck. After being fed up with our previous realtor, we decided to give Debbie and Danielle a try and could not believe the knowledge, experience, and professionalism we had been missing out on. The first offer we put on a house with them was accepted and we moved in last week! Debbie and Danielle are straightforward and responsive and have been such a pleasure to work with. We could not have done this without them and definitely recommend Debbie and Danielle to anyone looking to buy a house in SF!

Eric H

Danielle and Michael handled the sale of our house in Bernal Heights and were amazing! They were extremely organized, kept us updated throughout the process, and were very easy to work with. They guided us through the entire process and let us know exactly what to expect each step of the way. They work very well together as a team in both preparing the house for sale, marketing it, holding the open houses, preparing the brochures and on-line listings. Their communications were clear and they were both patient in answering all of our questions. We could not recommend them more highly, especially if you are in the Bernal Heights market.

Lindsey M

So, as with most things real estate, there’s almost no way to avoid some “surprises”. I have worked with Danielle on two purchases and one very difficult sale so I am very confident in saying that she is phenomenal. A strong network of relationships in the community–Danielle has this plus some. She has a network that covers all areas – most recently she introduced me to a structural engineer, an attorney who specializes in TIC law, and a contractor who renovates bathrooms. Seriously, her contact list seems never ending. Strong negotiator -Danielle has a talented “gut” for things. In both of my purchases, she correctly read the other side and suggested a more aggressive approach which worked out completely in my favor–saving me a pretty nice chunk of cash. Able to connect and maintain a connection with her clients–she takes the time to understand that every person has different goals and needs. She quickly grasps these personal goals and offers advice and suggestions that get the buyer or seller there. Honesty and integrity – We all know that agents survive off their commissions. Danielle is in this for the long term. She is not shy about providing advice about the market which may impact her commission but she has the foresight to make the investment in her clients’ well being knowing that it will pay off in the long term. Bottom line is that I trust Danielle. I trust her advice, her instincts and her knowledge of SF real estate market. Having worked with 3 other agents in Seattle and SF, I can–without hesitation–recommend Danielle as the best.

Courtney W

I think that I should start out this review by saying I don’t think I’m biased. Before moving to San Francisco two years ago my partner and I lived in Boston. While living in Boston we spent two years looking for a house/condo to buy but ultimately didn’t buy anything – which worked out to our benefit because a new job took us to San Francisco. Because we had been looking at houses/condos in Boston we had a good idea as to what we wanted in a home. We spent two years in San Francisco and decided we should start looking to buy a house of our own. I phrase it as “looking to buy” because we had many friends who had wanted to buy but it took them two years and ten offers later to actually buy a place. We were recommended to Tanya and Danielle by friends who had used them as their realtors. But, it should be noted, that our friends had actually gone through multiple realtors and multiple disappointments before they met Tanya and Danielle. Once our friends met Tanya and Danielle they got the first house they bid on (after the two years and ten bids later of disappointment). So here is where our journey begins. We had spent two years looking in Boston and about a year looking online in San Francisco so we knew what we wanted and we knew what we could afford. We met Tanya and Danielle on a Monday. That Friday (only a few days later) my partner and I saw the house of our dreams. The bids were due on that following Monday. Between the mortgage broker and the inspectors, Tanya and Danielle made it happen that weekend. They got an inspector in on Sunday morning at 8am. They convinced our mortgage broker (who had not completed our application) to call the seller’s realtor and say we were good for the mortgage. That Monday, just one week after we met Tanya and Danielle and three days after we saw the house, we owned the house. We weren’t even the highest bidders on the house but somehow Tanya and Danielle made it happen. Not only did they provide us with the house of our dreams, but they went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy. We wanted to remodel the property. They provided us with architects and contracts to interview. They showed up to the interviews of the architects and contractors and provided us with helpful feedback. They provided us with other referrals as well, flooring people, heating referrals, chimney referrals, etc. I can’t imagine better service. We closed on our house almost three months ago and they still call, email, and text us to make sure everything is going okay. I would never expect so much from realtors. This post alone can’t express to you how great they are. I highly recommend Tanya and Danielle. We feel lucky that we had them as realtors. I cannot imagine better service or better people to work with; you should feel lucky if they accept you as a client. I feel that I should note we were first time home buyers, however we saved up to really buy our “forever” home. Danielle and Tanya really made sure we got our forever home. They were realistic about our budget and really made it happen. We got above and beyond what we were expecting in a home. Not only that, but they were available to us 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day with every concern we had. It was amazing! I’m a bit OCD and would have questions about properties or how certain clauses would work so I would write an email at 1am and shockingly I would get a response a few minutes later. Now, let’s be clear, I don’t think that is always necessary in a realtor but when you are a first time homebuyer it’s pretty awesome to have your realtor giving you constant feedback when you are being OCD about a property or a contract clause.

Debra D

If you would like a Realtor that listens to your needs and is full service from helping you find the perfect home to getting great insurance to walking you through all the steps of buying a home and making it as easy as a difficult process is and as painless as possible, than you need to choose Danielle Lazier as your agent. She will always work hard for you and make sure you are getting the best and most! Hands down she gives the industry a good name by being the best in her field! So if you are listing or buying and you want the best you now know who to call.

Andrew E

Danielle & Tanya recently helped me purchase a property as I relocated from London to San Francisco. They worked around my travel schedule, lining up relevant viewings each time I visited the city. Within three months, I’d found, closed and moved into a place I’m really happy with. I highly recommend their work.

Roger L

We used Danielle to buy our first home, a condo in San Francisco. We were afraid that the current competitive environment was going to make the buying process a long and painful one, but Danielle delivered. We bought our dream home two months into the search and couldn’t be happier. Best of all, the process was super smooth — Danielle walked us through all the steps and worked behind the scenes to make sure everything was taken care of in a timely fashion and no balls got dropped. Danielle’s strength is in her execution: once you know what you want, she puts you in the best position to get it. She is experienced and results-oriented and in our case that helped us achieve a better outcome that we could have ever expected.

Heather H

Danielle is great! We worked with her and her business partner Tanya at Zephyr to buy our first home in the Mission. We went from meeting with them for the first time to closing in about 6 weeks! Very impressive, especially in this market. Tanya was the lead, so we primarily interfaced with her — but Danielle did a lot behind the scenes to help move things along: keeping things organized, and leveraging her connections to get us the inside scoop and — in our case — get our offer accepted! We owe Danielle and Tanya a huge debt of gratitude: our house is wonderful and we’re so glad we picked them to help us find it!

Jennifer D

I came back to Danielle and Tanya for the purchase of my second home. First time, I was a naive and nervous buyer who took all their advice to heart and found the single girls’ pad of my dreams….a single family home when I thought all I could get was a condo! Second time around, new husband in tow, I came with lots of new questions, anxiety about the crazy market, and complicated conditions with my international marriage! In between, they offered advice about timing for buying and potentially selling, renting or holding on. Danielle and Tanya helped us manage an offer and a purchase with a crazy seller’s agent, while Adrian and I were on separate continents (neither one of them America!). They are grounded, smart, un-fussed, supportive, honest, and kept us out of the fray. Real estate consultant for the first purchase and forever! They come unconditionally recommended. So much so, that I had them come to my office and offer advice to our staff – we’re a tough group, and Danielle’s advice met the challenge of a questioning, knowledgeable bunch!

Chris M

My wife and I began our search for our first home by contacting Danielle. After completing the “Buyer Worksheet” on her website, she promptly responded with a friendly introduction and information on how to get started. She also introduced us to her business partner, Tanya Dzhibrailova, for assistance with our search in the areas we were looking to buy a house in. Her reasoning for referring us to Tanya was because Tanya is the resident expert on houses along the Peninsula. This was an excellent executive decision on her part and we greatly appreciated it, since it ultimately led to us finding and buying a home within a few months of searching in a crazy and competitive sellers’ market. I can’t really speak for her skills as a Realtor specifically, but I do know that she is as highly regarded among her peers as Tanya is, and Tanya provided an excellent experience for us. As such, I am sure anyone who works with her will have the same excellent experience that we had. Cheers to the dynamic duo!

Mohammad S

I worked with Danielle through her partner Tanya who was my realtor for my recent condo purchase in SOMA. I had a great experience with them- they are really cream of the crop and were very courteous during the escrow process and even followed up extensively to help out weeks after I moved into my new home.

Petra L

As a first-time home buyer facing a challenging San Francisco market, I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Tanya and Danielle. Their expertise and experience helped me navigate an almost impossible market and find a great condo in my price-range. I worked with Tanya on this transaction but knew that Danielle was tracking the progress of our search as we moved along. I so appreciated how dedicated Tanya was to finding me my home. She was incredibly knowledgeable provided sound advice and served as my rock during this stressful process. I can’t imagine having worked with anyone else! I have incredibly high standards and Tanya surpassed them all. If you are looking for a team of experts that give you honest advice and incredible service — go with Danielle and Tanya. You won’t be disappointed!

Tony T

Danielle is a great San Francisco real estate agent. I found her based on her glowing reviews, and she’s lived up to them in every way.

Alexandra M

I moved to SF last year, with little knowledge of the neighborhoods or the real estate market. Danielle was a god-send. She knows the neighborhoods and the market. She previews properties so that you don’t have to waste your time. She hears about pre-market properties that often sell for better prices. She knows the ins and outs of inspections and contracts. And she never pressures you into making an offer on a property you don’t want, or offering more than you feel comfortable doing. I highly recommend Danielle for anyone looking to purchase a property in San Francisco.

Lyndsay S

One of the most important things about a real estate agent, beyond being whip smart, is that they listen. Danielle Lazier is a listener. She wants to understand exactly what her clients want and need in order to find them their ideal home. A sometimes rare trait in the sales realm, Danielle manages to be a fierce negotiator albeit easy-going and fun at the same time. She is direct, but very friendly and warm. I would work with her again in a heart beat and recommend her near and far. She’s got the San Francisco geographic landscape in her front and back pockets!

Mat K

I found Danielle and Tanya through Yelp while looking for a realtor to help me buy my first home. From the initial meeting on, the both of them were nothing but professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. They took time out of their busy days whenever I had a question or concern and helped me work through one of the more stressful things I’ve ever done in my life. They are absolutely on top of their game when it comes to helping you find your dream home. I was constantly kept up to date with the available inventory and was looking at homes within 2 days of contacting them. They take time out to really understand and cater to your needs. Even after closing, I was able to reach out to them with concerns over my new home and they went out of their way to help. I’m very glad I chose Danielle and Tanya to help me with my first home. I definitely would not hesitate again to work with either of them in the future if I’m ever in the market to sell OR buy.

Joanna B

I keep pinching myself, because working with Danielle was too good to be true. She recently sold our condo. We had already moved out to Oakland, and between the bay bridge and a toddler I couldn’t really deal with too much myself. Danielle took care of it all, including coordinating with the painter, etc. to get the place ready, had her strategy of exactly how many open houses, when to have an offer date, etc. and we got way more than we ever dreamed we would for the place. Literally, selling a place with Danielle was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done – certainly not how I expected the process to be. Thanks for everything!

Jesse Z

Danielle and Tanya are incredible real estate agents that not only did a fantastic job in selling our condo in SF, but were some of the best professionals we have ever hired to to do anything for us. D&T exceeded expectations along every step of the process. They ran a professional initial meeting where they set reasonable expectations for a sale price. They then managed the entire process of our getting our condo spruced up and ready for sale. They had great contractors (particularly Kevin Peng for painting and handyman work) that did good work and were cheaper than if had hired contractors ourselves. They then managed the negotiation process as well as anyone could have and we believe they really did great work on our behalf. They were also very respectful of our time and the process could not have been easier for us with T&D managing it for us. While real estate commissions can seem high, Danielle and Tanya earned every penny and then some. We could not recommend more highly. We found T&D on Yelp … thank you Yelp!

Mike & Cathe H

It was great to work with Danielle and Tanya. Their wisdom, competence and professionalism made all the difference in selling our San Francisco home. They have also assembled a great group of contractors who completed our remodeling projects on time and in budget. We are delighted with the outcome and can’t recommend Danielle and Tanya highly enough.

Jean L

I found Tanya and her partner Danielle on Yelp. Being new to the Bay Area and it’s intense real estate market, my husband and I wanted an agent who was very well regarded and connected in the area. Tanya and Danielle exceeded our expectations. They are a great team. We were looking to find something fast, and they got us into properties right after Christmas. They saved us $25K on the purchase price and Tanya was a bulldog on the seller about fixing some of the small issues on the property. Both Tanya and Danielle were always available to answer our questions, and we had lots of questions throughout the process 🙂 We completed our search for a new home in San Francisco in a little over a month. In short, if you want a dedicated and very knowledgeable team for your next real estate journey, I’d highly recommend them.

Heidi H. & Eric W

Danielle is awesome! I had to sell our condo in a short period in the midst of the holidays, multiple vacations, preschool applications and trying to manage a toddler and being 7 months pregnant while my husband was away on business. Needless to say I had NO free time to deal with pretty much anything related to sale. Danielle was amazing! She handled everything for me from getting a painter, stager, setting up inspections, photography, marketing materials and everything else. She got our place ready to show within 3 weeks of our first meeting, put it on the market and we had closed by month’s end! Due to Danielle’s expert strategy and hard work we sold our place (which we bought at the top of the market) for 110k over our asking price!

Susan G

Buying a house in SF is hard core. Pre-emptive/multiple bids and closings in 30 days are not for the faint of heart. You have to have a smart, committed agent on your side. We were lucky enough to work with Danielle and Kristen and have two amazing agents! They guided us through a fast paced market, giving us great advice and insight along the way. Within 3 months of our first Sunday touring houses, we owned a beautiful house in this wonderful city! They met with us initially to make sure they understand our needs and then spent that first Sunday getting to know us and our tastes even better. They made sure we saw houses and condos in our targeted range of 2 bed, 1.5 bath plus in a few different neighborhoods we were targeting. They listened really well to what resonated with us or made us cringe and gave us a sense for how we should think about a property vis a vis others we had seen. We bid on and lost a house, and when we despaired they were our rock making sure we knew that the right house would happen at the right time. Low and behold, it did! Texting offer details from sushi dinner, we came back to our house to the offer papers ready to execute! Now for the really anxious part: inspections, negotiations, mortgage approvals and final closing details. Through it all, Danielle and Kristen were a calming, confident presence. They helped us navigate the people and processes and we can’t thank them enough. On top of being great real estate agents, they are superb people and we are so happy to have gotten to know them. Danielle and Kristen are the first invitations to go out when we have a housewarming party!

James S

Danielle and Tanya were excellent partners in my recent real estate search. It was my first home purchase in the crazy San Francisco market. They did a great job listening to my thoughts on whether the time was right to make a purchase, managing my expectations, helping me think through a strategy, and responding to my questions and concerns. They were very strategic about locating properties, assessing sellers’ desires, and crafting offers that would be appealing. Once I had a contract, Tanya remained attentive and detail oriented – ensuring that the escrow period proceeded smoothly, despite my extensive travel during a portion of it. In the end Danielle and Tanya made the house hunting, offering, and escrow processes efficient and nearly painless.

Walter & Veronica K

Danielle and Tanya are amazing. We knew what we wanted, we’d had a hard time finding it having lost a number of previous bids, and they found and won us a home in a matter of just a few months. My wife and I spent close to two years looking for a home in San Francisco. We looked on our own, and with other agents. I am a San Francisco native so I know all of the neighborhoods, and in the areas I’d like to live I know every house. The market is so competitive that, despite our deep knowledge and experience and attention to detail, we’d lost multiple previous bids and we had no confidence that we wouldn’t continue to lose despite our best efforts. As we grew increasingly frustrated, a friend strongly suggested we work with Danielle and her team, and we decided to give it a shot. Just a few months later we have a home right where we had hoped. In the end, results are what matter — Danielle and Tanya went above and beyond my expectations and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you.

Hava L

Danielle and Kristen did a wonderful job selling three condos for me after I did a condo conversion. It was a complicated transaction because at least two of the condos had to close together. I also needed to do some remodeling before going on the market. Danielle and Kristen’s team approach was really helpful for this. Kristen provided me with excellent resources for remodeling and getting the condos ready for market and helped me coordinate with all the different contractors to get the remodel done smoothly and quickly. Danielle priced and marketed my properties effectively and she is very well connected within the real estate community. We were able to sell all three condos in a very short time and have them all close on almost the same day, which was a feat in itself. Danielle and her team kept me in the loop throughout the process and made sure I had all the complicated condo paperwork together and nothing fell through the cracks. I highly recommend Danielle and her team for anyone selling a home in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is very knowledgeable about the real estate market here and will help you get the right price for your property and get it done soon!

Susanne H

I relocated to San Francisco and came to the city for a short visit to find a place and Danielle and Tanya were with me from the beginning. I did chose them because of their reviews on Yelp, which is a big deal for a home purchase but … – I would do it now again! I certainly never expected San Francisco to be such a competitive market and I understood fast that I needed the right person to work with me on finding the perfect place in a very short time and Tanya could not have been more professional and efficient. She knew every nuance of the market and understood very fast what I was looking for without wasting my or anyone’s time. Within three days she found the place I wanted but considering the very competitive environment, there were many other bids on this specific property but due to her expertise she was able to provide me with the right recommendation and guidance to ensure a successful closing. In addition, she also was ensuring that the bank as well as the other agent followed up accordingly and timely; and while it is her job, it made my life much easier and also comfortable. Having a trustworthy, efficient, knowledgeable and diligent agent working with you does make a difference, especially as this can become a very intense relationship during the time of closing, as well as during the search and Tanya does ensure that you are aware of every step and she proactively will due her due diligence to make sure there are no surprises on anything for you. I highly recommend Tanya and Danielle as real estate agents if you want to make sure you will be closing on the property you want. In a very competitive market like San Francisco the choice of your real estate agent might actually decide if you will have a successful closing for the property you hope for. I got mine, in a very short time and that’s really what counts. Thank you!

Stacey M

I wanted to write a follow up review for Danielle. I purchases a condo with her in 6/2011 and I reviewed her then with 5 stars. I am currently in the process of refinancing and the lenders, ever pickier, are starting to ask for some obscure (at least to me) documents that I had a hard time finding. I emailed Danielle to see if she had any of the documents I needed and she emailed me the following day. It turns out one of them I already had and she had included it on a disc with all the purchase documents. The other one has to be obtained from the city and she offered to call the department of housing for me! Now, a year and a half later, when she has absolutely no obligation to me. She is certainly not a “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of realtor! I can’t wait until I have some friends in the market to refer to her. Until then I shall Yelp!

Walter K

We’ve been through this enough times to know how much effort, one-off discussion, haggling and general antics you must have had to work through get us to this point. Looking forward to closing and a joint celebratory bottle of champagne!

Geoffrey A

My name is Geoffrey, and I am a skeptic. OK, now that I got that out of the way, I have to say that when I read the reviews for Zephyr, and Danielle, I was suspicious. For the purpose of this review, I recently sold a 3 BR condo in SF. I have bought and sold 7-8 pieces of real-estate throughout my life and have never come across such a highly-regarded firm/realtor. Ultimately, I opted to give her a call as a few google searches indicated to me that she was not only a realtor, but a scholar of the market. I know that sounds a little overstated, but I have never met a realtor (or quite frankly many professionals in any field) who had such a profound understanding of their business. There was not one aspect of the transaction, the market conditions, the pricing, the sale, etc. that she was not well-versed in. Further, the property I was selling is 400 miles away from my current residence. I implored Danielle to make the it as easy on me as possible, as I cannot stand dealing with these types of transactions (e.g. everything is quiet, until it is very urgent, and then quiet again). Drives me friggen nuts actually Anyhow, Danielle outlined EXACTLY what we needed to do, priced the unit PERFECTLY, and we ended up in a multi-offer situation inside of 10 day. I would not hesitate to work with her and/or Zephyr again. Don’t waste your time on anyone else

Chip H

I first contacted Danielle in my search for an agent. I was very impressed by her responsiveness even though she was vacationing in Europe. Based on the neighborhoods I was interested in, she recommended I work with Tanya. Tanya did an incredible job for me during the entire process from the discovery call to issues after the close. After my first home purchase 13 years ago I was leery of agents and how much they had my best interest in mind. Working with Tanya erased all those concerns. She was extremely proactive and brought up issues to think of that I would not have thought of. We had an aggressive 30 day close that involved a less than responsive lender. Tanya didn’t hesitate in helping with mortgage broker issues even though she didn’t have to. After the close I’ve actually used two of the service people she recommended and it worked out great. I would definitely recommend Tanya & Danielle to anyone.

Orchid S

Tanya and Danielle are an amazing team. I was referred to them by my cousin. I had been looking for a house in the city for about 2 years. They were my 4th real estate team. I think I struck gold. They will get you in to a home if you listen to their sage advice. I was working with them for less than two weeks we looked at 3 houses bid on one and I got it. If you are ready to buy and want honest advice about what you can and can’t afford and are ready to make a move Tanya and Danielle are your gals!!! They really know the market. The aftercare has been good as well with excellent referrals for contractors to structural engineers. When they say they want to be your real estate team for life they mean it and so far I think they deserve it!!!

Alisha A

I knew of Danielle through mutual friends and contacted her, after reading her amazing Yelps. The reviews are totally spot on. She rocks. She responded immediately to my inquiry, helped me figure out what I wanted and then hooked us up with Tanya. See Tanya’s separate review, but she did an amazing job helping us find and buy our dream home. The limited involvement I had with Danielle was always professional, speedy, informative, and friendly. I feel very blessed to have been in her orbit, and although I don’t EVER want to move, I would totally call her to sell our place, if that time comes.

Jeff K

This was my first experience selling property and it is not for the faint hearted. There is a strong emotional component to “letting go” and a high degree of anxiety in not knowing exactly where you will end up. In the end, you need faith in the skill and abilities of a real estate expert and that is what I found in Danielle and Kristen. I liked them from the first moment I met them. They proved to be extremely honest, ethical, knowledgeable, ambitious, and supportive. That is not to say that they could make the process painless, especially for someone who has lived in a home for many years. But I am convinced that they struck the perfect balance between pushing me to do what I needed to do for the best possible outcome for me…while at the same time being sensitive to the emotional roller coaster that real estate transactions can be They really know their stuff (markets, neighborhoods, trends, strategy, psychology) and they were there at every step. I was was completely surprised at how responsive they were to my questions and emails; I don’t ever recall waiting more that 24 hours for a response to an email…more typically they would get back to me within minutes. Do they every sleep, one wonders? As they predicted in our first conversation, they proved successful in helping me sell my property at an excellent price, they connected me with another agent in their organization who assisted me in purchasing a wonderful new home, all within three months! I feel I owe my current situation to the competence and expertise of these two women. On a personal and professional level, you can do no better than Danielle Lazier and Kristen Gianaras.

Chad L

I just can’t imagine we’re closing this deal so fast! Thank you for representing me!

Lauren G

Wonderful scout and guide for first time buyers (which we are/were). Responsive, clear, always confirms to make sure everything is clear and understands the market. Danielle and her team are wonderful.

Naoki K

Danielle and Tanya are excellent. I can’t even put into words how easy they made this entire experience, especially for someone like me, who was clueless about the entire home buying process. While I worked primarily with Tanya (who I’m very grateful to), Danielle was very much involved and kept in touch with me throughout the process. From our first meeting to the day I received my keys, Tanya was always there to answer my questions and keep me updated as to how things were progressing. One of my biggest concerns in the beginning was that searching for a home would interfere with my work schedule, but Tanya was very flexible and still managed to attend every open house and inspection with me. I whole-heartedly recommend these guys for anyone looking for a home, and today I couldn’t be happier with my new condo. Thanks!

Mat B

Danielle and her team at Zephyr made us feel extremely comfortable about the entire home-buying process right from the first moment we met them. What particularly impressed me was the professionalism they demonstrated throughout and the energy with which they helped us close the purchase. Danielle came recommended to us and I would happily recommend her and her team to anyone — and am in fact already doing so to all my SF friends.

Aaron V

From start to finish, Danielle and her team made the home-buying process as comprehensible, above-board, and pillow-cushioned as I imagine possible, and my fiancé and I consider ourselves fortunate to have worked with her. The online reviews are deadly accurate: this is full-service real estate agent here, and not only did we end up with a house, we felt absolutely taken care of the while. I felt comfortable with Danielle the moment that I met her. She’s utterly professional, yet human – approachable, relatable. As well, I found her to be knowledgeable, genuinely friendly, and understanding. In the weeks, then months, that passed, I learned that she never stops working on behalf of her clients. As was true for others who’ve posted positive reviews to this site, we moved through the housing inventory with Danielle’s partner, Tanya Dzhibrailova, who herself deserves a novel-length recommendation skywritten above the Bay. Danielle would check in on us regularly, though not cloyingly, and whenever I had a new question, or the same old question densely restated in different terms, she would respond immediately and with more patience and cheer than I thought possible. Seriously: her response time can be measured with a micrometer. And when it came time for us to offer on a house, and then to close on it, the processes were as stress-free as they could be. I’d heard from my home-owning friends that the paperwork can be crippling, but Danielle, Tanya, and Cici somehow made everything bite-sized, taking the time to walk us through everything without rushing us. I really couldn’t tell when it was all over, because it felt as if it had been too simple. There were also all these surprising little touches along the way, little things that we didn’t expect but whose practicality and cleverness made us smile. Suffice it to say, I cannot speak highly enough of her, and when it comes time for us to go house hunting again, she’ll be the first one to know. Thanks, Danielle!

Jeff K

So I finally decided to bite the bullet and jump into the real estate market – in SF no less! Just how to do this? I was fairly certain that I ultimately find out that it was painful and arduous…that is until my girlfriend and I wandered into Daniel’s office one day. What a fantastic experience from start to finish. Daniel met with us and painted a realistic picture of San Francisco real estate in the various neighborhoods that we liked. She asked us a number of questions about why we were in the market to buy and – the best part is – she actually listened to our answers! She told us to immediately check-out a place that had just been listed in Nob Hill – which met our specifications to a “T”. We loved the place and (fast-forward a bit) we now own it! Better yet, it feels like the process was almost that easy. I am really truly amazed by how easy it was to get answers to all of our questions through-out the process of buying our first house. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is in the market for a new house.

Virgine D. & Troy H

I wanted to thank you for your help in finding our house, I never imagined when we started that we would have such a spacious and beautiful space not far from the Highway and from BART, given our budget constraints. Not to mention that quickly! Danielle: very glad I found you on Yelp! Tanya: thank you so much for your effectiveness during this whole ordeal!

Robyn L

When we first started looking to buy a condo, we were skeptical about what exactly a real estate agent could offer in this day of Redfin, Zillow, etc, except in terms of helping get the paperwork of buying done. However, I now can’t imagine what we would have done without Tanya and Danielle! They are both extremely professional & responsive. They took the time to really figure out exactly what we were looking for, and then did a lot of legwork to find it for us (helping us see places that were off market, or hadn’t had an open house yet, for example). When we found the condo we wanted, they worked hard to help us make a successful bid quickly, before the first open house. They’ve been there every step of the way since then, scheduling meetings with painter, floorers, inspectors, etc–they’ve made a crazy process entirely manageable. We both have very busy schedules, and they’ve bent their own schedules to accommodate ours, which we greatly appreciated. Friends of ours recommended them to us, having had an extremely positive experience. We’ve since recommended them to another couple, who has also been very well served by this team.

Daniel M

Danielle helped us sell our single family home in a tough market for sellers. Her extensive network and marketing savvy allowed us to get more than 50 agents to tour the house before it was listed on the public market, ultimately leading to a fast and solid offer from a qualified buyer. She negotiated a counteroffer that improved the offer and allowed us to sell the house ahead of schedule (so that we were in a better position to buy our next house). Although Danielle prepared us well for possible bumps in the road, the transaction was smooth and organized, and was completed without a hitch. Danielle and Cici are easy to work with, very responsive and listened and understood our needs throughout the process. We highly recommend Danielle!

Katie K

Working with Danielle and Tanya really took the stress and pain out of my house-hunt. I’m a first time homeowner, with a very small budget for the Bay Area, and a lot of specific requirements in a home. They didn’t care about the small budget, and were happy to locate and research every property in my price range to see if it had what I needed. I ended up finding a beautiful home, at a great price, and getting my keys less than three months after we started working together! I did most of my direct house hunting with Tanya, but Danielle followed our progress every step of the way, checking in with me frequently, and her emails full of information were so helpful, especially when it came time to go into escrow. Tanya was a fierce negotiator for me, and due to her advice and guidance on creating an attractive offer, I won out over two other offers that were higher than mine! I cannot recommend this team highly enough. They were both always available for questions, even as we hunted for houses over the holidays, and worked with my unusual schedule. Interview them, like I did, and you’ll know right away that you’ve found the right team for you!

Jane H

A friend of mine, who bought her first home with Danielle, highly recommended her. My friend, whose father is in real estate as well, felt that Danielle took extra care and far exceeded her expectations. So I began the hunt for a home in Aug. 2009, with Danielle by my side guiding me through the process. I wasn’t ready to buy and didn’t buy, however, until Sept. 2010, due to both career and personal interruptions. Danielle followed me through the entire process, and got to know me well enough to make a great recommendation for me, which was the beautiful home that I bought. My first home is such a great fit, and I am so grateful to Danielle for leading me to it! What impressed me most about working with Danielle was the degree of attention, care, promptness, and sheer professionalism she demonstrated throughout the process. She was constant in her communication and in the quality of her communications with me. She explained things in great detail, which was very important to me as a first time home buyer, and was always, always reliable. All this so far would have been enough for me to have enthusiastically worked with Danielle again for the next home or to recommend her to friends. But Danielle goes further to preemptively give you recommendations, information, updates, and referrals/contacts during and AFTER the first time home-buying process. Danielle truly goes beyond the extra mile! I am so grateful for having the luck to have worked with her!

Philippe B

I just closed an amazing purchase of a 2 unit building in San Francisco on an FHA loan with only 3.5% down. Danielle and her team, in particular Tanya were very good advice on how to get in escrow, even with an offer that might not seem very attractive to sellers in a very competitive market. The combination of my very specific requirements and their expertise resulted in a smooth purchase beyond my expectations.

Amy T

Danielle helped me sell my TIC flat in one of the toughest markets ever. It took some time, but she found a buyer and worked very hard to close the deal through all the TIC complications, multiple inspections, and reluctant bankers. I really respect her knowledge of the market and her ability to cut through the emotions of home selling and focus on the practical and realistic aspects that are far more constructive. And this might be a small point for some but she always returned my phone calls promptly and cheerfully. Her assistant Cici is equally great. In the end, I was able to sell my unit for a profit and my TIC partners got a better loan with a great new partner. I think she’s fabulous and I’ll call on her again if I’m ever in the market for a new home.

Michelle L

My husband and I met Danielle about a year ago. We were renting an apt in SF and were interested in buying a condo. We instantly liked Danielle because she was knowledgeable about real estate in SF; she took the time to understand our needs and concerns, and was easy to talk to. After visiting a few properties with us, my husband and I felt it was not the right time for us to buy and decided to hold off. Danielle continued to keep in touch with us, sending us emails whenever she came across a property she thought we might be interested in. Last month, my husband and I came across a place we liked and we immediately got in touch with Danielle. She was right on top of things – from the time we saw the condo and told her we were interested in making an offer. Being first time buyers, we were nervous about the process, not sure what to expect. Danielle was awesome!! She was patient with our questions, listened to our concerns; always keep us updated every step of the way. She was our voice of reason in difficult situations and helped us stay calm in a high-pressure situation that could have easily been overwhelming and stressful. We just closed and are ready to move into our new home! My husband and I are so happy to have had Danielle represent us in our purchase. We genuinely felt she had our best interests and would recommend her in a heart-beat! A special shout-out goes to her associate Cici English. Like Danielle, she is organized, efficient, patient and on top of things! She was pleasant to work with and always happy to lend a hand. We are appreciative of all the support that Danielle and Cici have given us and look forward to sharing a glass of wine in celebration.

Michelle L. & Jaime V

Thanks for checking in. Things are going well. Eager to complete the remodel work so we can move in. Yes, we will absolutely need to have you and Cici over, so we can toast to some champagne Thanks for your voicemail earlier today. I’m glad you & Cici received the chocolates and hope you guys enjoy them. It was just a little something from Jaime and I to show our gratitude for everything you both did for us. As first time buyers, we were nervous about the process, not sure what to expect. And we really appreciated your patience and for always being straightforward with us, keeping us updated every step of the way. It made the process seem a little less daunting! So many thanks to you both. We will keep you posted on our progress Danielle, and let you know when we are ready to move in. Will be in touch. Take care. Regards to Cici!

David G

Good Morning Danielle & Cici – I want to thank you for taking such particularly good care of my friend Jeffrey through this sale. He felt well guided from beginning to end, and the family is thoroughly happy with the result. I do hope we can work together again, and wish you the best in all things.

Margory H

My husband found Danielle looking through a bunch of realtors on the internet…what a great pick! She’s knowledgeable, down-to-earth, professional, VERY easy to work with. We found exactly the flat we were looking for, in the neighborhood we wanted, and in our price range in one day (granted, we had a limited budget!). We followed her advice on making the offer, which was accepted, and closed a month later. We purchased a TIC – she helped us understand what that entailed, and really walked us through the entire process, then pointed us in the right direction for all the things we needed right after closing – locksmith, plumber, parking…you name it. If there were more stars available, I’d rate her with them!

Marya T

I have been in touch with Danielle for several years discussing my interest in real estate. She has taken the time and attention to discuss my situation and what I was in a position to do. I was recently, finally, in a position to buy. Danielle and her partner Tanya (mostly worked with Tanya) were/are fantastic. They were easy to reach and helped me with every question and concern. They showed up to every location that I had an interest in and gave me their honest opinion about each property (pros and cons, was it priced right? how much work did it realistically need? thoughts on ease or difficulty to re-sell, rental property, etc…) They have an extensive list of referrals of great people to work on my property. I still have questions come up, being a new property owner…they get right back to me and are so helpful! I have felt so taken care of the whole time. They really put in a lot of work! I didn’t have a ton of money to work with, but they helped me get my foot in the door of real estate and establish an ongoing plan for growth. I never felt pressured by them. I always felt like they had my best interest in mind! I could not recommend anyone more highly!!! Thanks again Tanya and Danielle!!!!

Matt H

Danielle, Tanya and Cici were excellent. This was my first purchase and they really helped me navigate all the tricky waters. I could not have done it without them. Working with them was a really great experience all the way from the first meeting where they helped me determine my goals to the closing. I will definitely work with them again when I look for my next home in the future.

Gerhard & Margo

Hi Danielle and Tanya, A big THANK YOU to both of you for helping us purchasing this property – we know how hard you worked to make this happen as quickly and as smoothly as it did. We can only say the best of your expertise and professionalism. Best regards, Margo and Gerhard

Shelia & Karine

Hi Danielle, It’s official! We are homeowners!!! Thank you for the lovely gift! We love the stamp that you guys made for us, this is such a great idea! The bottle is chilling in the fridge until we move to our home next weekend Thank you for taking such good care of us and making this process such a great experience!

Howard G

Hi Danielle, I visited Danielle in 2009 to get a sense of the market and help me determine if I was in the right ‘mind frame’ to begin my next life chapter and become a home buyer. I was referred to Danielle from friends and after speaking with her, was grateful that the introduction was made. She was attentive and very knowledgeable about the SF market. We discussed various scenarios and after meeting with a mortgage broker, decided it wasn’t the time to pursue home buying. Over the next year, Danielle kept in touch but did not pressure me into a decision I wasn’t ready for – a quality I appreciated most as I’ve heard horror stories of realtors pushing clients through a hard sale. Fast forward one year – I connected with Danielle again when I was more prepared to handle this venture. Like not time passed, Danielle was welcoming and excited to get back to work and find me my first home. This time she had help from her new partner, Tanya. It only took me a couple of days until I walked into the 2-bedroom flat in Hayes Valley that I knew I wanted to buy. From that moment on, Tanya and Danielle shifted gears and were determined to get me through the process with little worries or pressures. They listened to my concerns and were committed from beginning till end. Tanya worked her negotiating skills and managed to get my bid accepted, hassle free. Always available to take a call, the pair (and their behind-the-scenes team) were very organized and walked me through every document I had to sign (and there are a lot!) explaining exactly what I was signing and assuring me that they put in every contingency into the contract as possible – so I had many opportunities to walk away without losing money if the deal began to go sour. Thankfully we got through inspections with a few bumps and road hazards that were giving me a headache but Tanya easily ironed out. Six weeks later and I had a new jingle in my pocket! Even after we closed, Tanya and Danielle provided advice on painters, wood floor specialists and other handymen that have all worked out great! Even today, if I am looking for a contractor, electrician, or other specialist – Danielle and Tanya are the ones I turn to first, and they still respond super fast! Great service, professionalism and ease – I couldn’t have been happier with other realtors!!

Sahra H

Danielle is a great real estate agent. She is very responsive and goes out of her way to answer questions. We started off by looking in San Francisco, but couldn’t find anything in our price range that we were willing to live in. We ended up buying in Rockridge. Danielle didn’t have as much experience there at the time, but she contacted others in her realtor network to answer questions that she couldn’t. Danielle also helped us navigate the deal with a prickly seller who was not easy to work with. Finally, she hooked us up with a fabulous loan broker, Phillip Cannon, whom I came to adore (yes, I adored my loan broker). Danielle is also very professional. My husband and I probably weren’t the easiest of clients – first-time buyers, pregnant with our first child, and scared to death – but she somehow managed to retain her calm and cool even when we couldn’t. Thanks Danielle!

Yutian W

I found Danielle online and when I was ready to purchase a house she referred me to her business partner, Tanya. I was looking for a straightforward no-nonsense realtor who could tell me if a house had structural problems, was overpriced, and give me realistic expectations about what it would cost to remodel a particular space. I told Tanya what kind of space I needed and after one week of looking, she helped us write an offer on a house. Tanya knew everything about every house on the market in the area where we wanted to buy. She took care of all the details, paperwork, scheduling inspections . . . sometimes it didn’t even feel like I was buying a house. I kept expecting some kind of glitch to happen, but it never did. I did not work with Danielle directly, but Danielle kept in contact on a regular basis to check in and see how things were going. Tanya and Danielle are professional, efficient, and super easy to work with.

Ricky C

We found a fine house, submitted a reasonable bid, and got it accepted all within 5 days after meeting Danielle and Tanya. 5 stars well deserved. Oh, and throw in lots of valuable tips on how to fix up your new home, regular check ins during and after the closing, great contacts from electricians to gardeners, and a quick turn around on all concerns or requests. As first time home buyers, Danielle and Tanya held our hand through the entire process and it went great. If you choose to work with them, you are in great hands.

Mick & Michelle

Thanks again for all your support, help and understanding. It is greatly appreciated and we feel we have the best team in the business on our side. That means a lot to us.

Anha E

Our experience with Danielle has been fantastic. From the start she was professional, attentive and eager to have everything be perfect. We just purchased our first condominium and could not be more pleased with the process. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Danielle and her team at Zephyr Real Estate

Ross S

I just bought an apartment with Danielle. I now consider her a friend, so that’s a pretty good indication of how well my purchase experience went. Danielle is professional and honest– a rarity in real estate. She knew her business, knew where to find info on the best houses, understood the various dynamics in San Francisco’s real estate code that can be make-or-break, understood the market and its current historical levels, and most importantly she was patient with me: she did not pressure me and did not force me to do anything I was not prepared to do. In the end I got a great place in the Mission in a new development that Danielle found for me. It’s so good, in fact, that I live down the hall from one of the founders of Facebook, evidently. Buttercup, as I’ve since come to know her, helped me negotiate the price and added-value pieces, told me what to complain about when I was unhappy with the developer’s work, and explained me to the risks of buying this apartment. I was thrilled to work with Danielle. I highly recommend her. Please ask her to bring her puppies when you hire her. You will sell your place in a jiffy.

Ellie S

WOW. I emailed Danielle about being my realtor and added a link to a house that we liked and I assumed we’d never have a chance of getting. within 3 days we got our realtor, saw the house, made an offer and were accepted. It was insane. 36 days after that e-mail we are moved in. If I had any friends I would pass her card out like candy. This woman gets things done. Totes awes, as the kids are saying.

Dean & Chloe

My wife and I were looking for an agent in San Francisco to buy a rental property. We always wanted to do this kind of investment, but did not know where to start. We felt very lucky that we found Danielle Lazier and Tanya Dzhibrailova. We’ve had several real estate transactions in the past, but this one was the sweetest. Danielle and Tanya were extremely skillful in what they do. They were also so kind to go out of their way to fulfill all of our needs. We told them this is our first rental property and we were very nervous about this investment. Danielle and Tanya understood our concerns. They helped us find a very nice duplex in SF and buy it at a very good price. We were every surprised that after escrow closed, they went out of their way to help us repair the property and find the tenants. Within only three weeks after the close of escrow, Danielle and Tanya were able to help us find the subcontractors, negotiate for the best prices, manage the project and the contractors, find the tenants and complete the rental agreements. They are the best and they are kind. They knew we were busy with our work and were under a lot of stress, and they offered their time to get every thing done in a very timely manner. We will always remember Danielle and Tanya for their superior work and would like every Yelper out there to know about them. They are more than your real estate agents. They are your caring friends. Danielle and Tanya, thank you!

Hao J

Thank you for all the help you gave to us. We are deeply impressed by your professionalism and responsiveness. Unlike some agents we met, you even question us the purchase decision and make sure the property is what we want. During the entire purchase process, you professionally lay out almost all the aspects in every step, from the structural inspection all the way to how to choose a loan officer. We also deeply appreciate your fast response. You always answer our emails promptly. It helps to lower your anxieties about the 50 years old house and save us a lot time. You help us to accomplish the mission with less sweat. For a two-job two-kid family, it is very important. Thank you!

Christian S

In 2009, we set a goal as a family to finally leave the ranks of the renters and buy a home. After four months with our first Realtor, we realized that we needed to find someone with the experience and creativity necessary to find us a home in San Francisco. We found Danielle, and within two months we had closed escrow and moved into our new house. Danielle applied her incredible knowledge, experience and creativity to our search for a home. She was able to recommend properties that we had not considered based on the needs we articulated, our price range and the still very competitive market in the City. We ended up buying a house she found and suggested we view. Danielle and her team were fantastic. She provided mortgage broker recommendations, market research, and neighborhood listings and recommendations. She uses technology to provide an efficient, time-saving process for her customers. We signed documents online and transmitted a lot of information by email. As time is of the essence in a competitive market, it’s very important not to be tied to a FAX machine or have to show up in person for every signing. No only did we have all the tools we needed to make a decision about where to buy, but we got a huge amount of support. From the first offer on which we were outbid to the delays with the bank while in escrow, she was there with sound advice and pep talks. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Barna & Kathleen M

It’s not easy to describe in just a few paragraphs what a great real estate agent Danielle is. I have very high standards for professionalism and mastery of one’s own domain and Danielle’s performance has been spotless. A few months ago, based on our own instincts as well as all the pundits forecasting a rare “buyer’s market” in San Francisco, my fiancée and I decided to look and see if we could pull off our dream of homeownership in San Francisco. Having already done some reading about buying homes, it was clear to me how crucial working with the right real estate agent in all of this is. I wanted to find someone who is not only an expert in San Francisco real estate, but also youthful and well versed in modern technologies and would be easy and fun to work with. I came across Danielle through her blog, her website, her answers on Trulia, and other online reviews about her and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm. Danielle was our trusted partner, from the very first consultation (to which she showed up with several binders of prepared material tailored to our situation) to recommending our excellent mortgage officer, to sending us two movie tickets when it seemed like we could use them, to the day we were holding the keys to our first home in our hands (along with — of course! — more nice and thoughtful gifts which I won’t give away to her current and future clients). We found our favorite property pretty early on, after seeing it during an open house. Danielle still took us to tour several others to see a good sample of what’s available and in our range right now, but in the end we made an offer on our favorite house. We trusted Danielle’s instincts and offered quite significantly below asking. She was right: our offer was accepted. The escrow process was dogged by difficulties caused by a seller who seemed bent on skimping on his responsibilities. This would be a recipe for a disaster, unless you have a great agent such as Danielle. Especially listening to some of our friends’ stories about their RE agents, I shudder to think how incredibly different it all could have turned out. We could be living in a house that we bought at a higher price, and dealing with a leaky roof, cracked furnace, and last-minute changes made without permit. Or, in no house at all! But Danielle cut through all the crap and she fearlessly negotiated great deals for us, making sure our seller did everything he was supposed to do, the way he was supposed to (and we know, he tried not to!). Rest assured that with Danielle on your side, nobody is going to pull a fast one on you. Those friends I mentioned have all meanwhile been supplied with Danielle’s contact information, btw. Danielle clearly has a passion for her job. Yet, equally importantly, beneath all this enthusiasm and love for real estate is a consummate professional and a tough (but fair) negotiator. Trust me; I speak from experience when I say that when the contents of the sewage pipe in your dream home hit the fan, you want Danielle on your team. She was truly an expert guide, comfortably ahead of every other player in the transaction, carefully guiding the process to its successful completion. Her communication was excellent. She educated us, anticipated obstacles and worries before we saw them, and also made us think about things we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, but are important nevertheless — such as estate planning, for instance. Some crucial things were a breeze with her: when the time for inspections came, she already had her (very competent and thorough) inspectors lined up and out on the property with us within 48 hours. Still, during the entire process, she also truly made us feel like we were the ones in control. To be able to do all this is a very rare talent and also requires a lot of skill. Danielle’s assistant Cici has been also very helpful and contributed to our success. Kathleen and I highly recommend Danielle, and we know that we have found our real estate guide for life!

Brian M

“….But, the two things that you did that actually made me think “holy shit, she’s awesome” were the (1) booklet of business cards of service folk, and (2) re-sending me the original letter with goals, with your personal “check, check, check” notes. Not to suggest that everything else wasn’t awesome, but everything else’s awesomeness was expected. Those two were not.”

Michael & Lynn S

Lynn and Michael were renting in Noe and wanted a change. They wanted to stop renting but also wanted a hipper, more urban experience. With the combination of graphic designer and Pixar guy, these two were prime candidates for a conversion loft space. Ask them about the gorgeous concrete floors, open floor plan, and huge windows b/c their new place is fabulous! Update: It was a pleasure to work with Danielle. She is the total package: intelligent, friendly, savvy and personable. And with much thanks to her, we successfully bought and sold our home within a relatively short period of time. In July of 2004, we bought a true conversion loft in SOMA/South Beach. We fell in love with our new home. As we were still settling in, we were unexpectedly presented with an unsurpassable career opportunity relocating us to Los Angeles. We had just unpacked our last box, when our home of 8 months was going back on the market. Having had such a positive and successful experience working with Danielle to buy our loft, we were confident she would smoothly lead us through a successful sale. Hearing our needs and concerns, Danielle created goal-oriented solutions that guided us through this process. Her knowledge of the SF market gave us the assurance that we needed. Her organization and attention to detail made the open house showings run smoothly and with great response. She was thorough and always two steps ahead of us. It is apparent that she is well liked and respected among her colleagues. And as clients, we couldn’t have had a better experience. If we could, we would have brought Danielle with us to help us find a home in LA. However, she did the next best thing, she found us a great agent here.

Pam D

Update: I had been looking to buy my first loft for over 3 years, with another agent and by myself. Then was referred to Danielle – she was so great. I started out so terrified and overwhelmed, but she was so patient and went through every step. I felt like I was her only client! I could be totally honest with her about my unique needs for my live/work space. And WE FOUND THE PERFECT LOFT! yay! She put in an offer, they accepted same day – and here I am 1 year later. Thanks Danielle!!! Pros: knowledgeable, fun, smart, patient, realistic, cool!

Stacey K

Stacy bought the first place we saw together!! Granted, she was looking around on the Internet for a while beforehand but this girl has what it takes to pull the trigger on what was a great opportunity for her. With a limited budget, there was not a lot available and she knew it. I showed her a loft that had sat on the market for a while (even in our boom times!) b/c it just didn’t show very well. For three years, Stacy loved her urban living! But with a job change, the commute was too much so we sold her place for greener pastures…& with a substantial profit. The moral to this story: but what you can, when you can, and make “Other People’s Monday” work for you!

Alexandra Y

First and foremost, Danielle is professional. She knows her stuff, she is a solid negotiator, she is proactive, creative, has a fantastic follow-through, and she’s got style. When I tell my friends, that at the end of a particularly nerve wracking day with a mortgage lender I got her note complete with gift card for movies and a box of popcorn, suggesting I should take a break, they do not believe me.

Catherine C

I have never had a better experience in a real estate transaction! A very old friend, Judy Macks, recommended Danielle Lazier to me for real estate help. For tax reasons, I needed a quick sale on my property but also needed to net as much as possible for my retirement. However, I was very concerned for the fate of my tenants and therefore very particular about the buyer. Within days, Danielle had my place physically presentable for listing (including coordinating exterior painting and cleanup) and was conducting open houses. Her sense of the market was great, and I soon sold at a great price to my ideal buyer. More than being excellent at her profession, Danielle was wonderful at nursing a nervous seller. I was trying to sell in time to avoid larger capitol gains and the sales profit was to be a large part of my retirement. No matter how many times I asked Danielle the same questions, she patiently walked me through everything! I could not be happier with my experience. With over 40 years of buying and selling real estate, I have had good and bad experiences (and a few horrendous). With Danielle as my agent, it could not have gone any smoother. I fully recommend her. I got the price I wanted and had an angst-free experience.

Paul C. & Hilary S

We’re highly satisfied (about the real estate transaction). We never thought we’d be able to get the place. Danielle helped us turn a pipe dream into reality.

Tara S

Being a landlord is tricky business but Tara is up for the job! A successful real estate investor out in Davis, she purchased a 4-unit building in Ashbury Heights ready to take on the San Francisco market. Tara lives in one unit and is the on-site landlord/manager for the other three.

Jack & Jessica B

Jessica and Jack lived through the .com boom and bust, patiently trying to get their young family into a home. They wrote strong offer after offer with no contingencies, WAY-over asking prices, and still they couldn’t get a home. Renting 4 years and another child later, Jessica and Jack were ready to try again, this time with my help. Winning their 1st bid on their 1st choice home, the Blumenfeld’s were happily unpacking boxes in their adorable single family home in the Sunset within 2 months of our initial consultation. And…just in time for the kids’ new school year!

Cate L. & Andrea J

Why do we love Danielle? First time home buyers here and Danielle was not only a delight to work with, but also extremely knowledgeable. She gave us all the right info, guided us in the right direction, supported our decisions, answered our questions, and got the job done. In the middle of our house hunt, we shifted courses toward a different type of home – condo v. single family. This was a new area for us and Danielle helped us through and sealed the deal in a way that made us so happy. We highly recommend Danielle and will certainly use her the next time around.

David O

After purchasing and living in his loft for just under 2 years, David decided it was time to move to “greener” pastures, Noe Valley to be precise. He and his good friend, William, wanted to invest in a 2-unit Victorian building, which he felt was not only a strategic investment (with condo conversion and upgrade potential), but also a place with the feeling of home and attached directly to the ground, as he put it! Of course, he also wanted to maximize profit on the loft’s sale. Using a creative financing plan and good market timing, we were able to realize David’s goal, effectively and efficiently.

Lisa K. & Adam D

Danielle knew the business aspect quite well and weren’t like the typical ‘Real Estate Agent’ with the high-pressure attitude to have us buy a house and not really care about our needs.

Shelley P

I just wanted to say thanks for all that you’ve done so far; you are an excellent agent that has shown us how much you care beyond just the sale of a property!

Caitlin L. & Chris G

The Hardest Working Agent in SF Danielle helped me and my husband buy our first home several years ago and then helped us sell that same house last fall at an astounding profit. Buying the house was a breeze with Danielle. As first-timers, we were terrified, but Danielle held our hands through the entire process, answered our millions of questions without judgment, and most importantly, helped us get into the home that was perfect for us. A couple of years later, when we were ready to move to the East Bay, Danielle helped us successfully navigate a really difficult escrow with outrageously demanding buyers. Danielle worked tirelessly to help us get the best price possible and fielded the buyers’ demands with the perfect mix of grace and steel. I don’t know what we would have done without her.

Sarah M. & Jim H

Hate to keep repeating what others have said already, but Danielle knows her stuff She sold our house for us in June-July of 2008. We initially contacted her a year prior, and then took the interceding time to find our new place before putting our house in SF on the market. Still, she was very low pressure, not pushing us to get our place on the market, and she kept in contact periodically to see how we were coming on our own house hunt. Once we were ready to list our house, she jumped to the task, creating a timeline for how things would progress once we were out, offering to-do lists and friendly nudges to keep us on track, arranged for a handyman to come in to take care of any blemishes in the property, and helped us find a painter as well as our moving company. She also was very clear about mapping out her strategy for selling the house, how it should be priced, and when to put it on the market. After we moved out we were a little apprehensive as we were several hundred miles away, but Danielle took charge of getting the place ready, having it staged, and arranging for some last-minute repairs that cropped up. Also, she was very proactive about keeping us informed as to what was going on, and answered all of our calls promptly. Well, long story short, she nailed it. Things worked just as she said they would. We had a ton of interest, both on broker tour and when the house was open to the public, and many showings in between. Thanks to her savvy, we got multiple offers (which in this market is no longer the norm that it was several years ago) and were able to massage two of them to sweeten the pot. We ended up accepting one from a very well qualified buyer that was significantly over our asking price. Escrow went without a hitch, and we closed slightly more than a month after the place first went on the market. We were thrilled and are very happy we went with her as our representative.

David R. & William L

Danielle was great to work with…totally fun and energetic. She was highly competent and helped keep things in perspective. Danielle made the whole process easy and understandable.

Lis & Steven D

Danielle is AMAZING. Highly highly recommend!! We met her on a Thursday, saw places on the following Tuesday, and made an offer that night. We weren’t expecting things to move that quickly as my husband and I are both first homebuyers and the process is a little scary. Then the frustrations of the current economy hit and we had to deal with a number of banks, trying to get our mortgage and mortgage insurance figured out. Danielle was patient and understanding the entire time. She did an excellent job of keeping us informed about what was happening and what we could expect as next steps. Home buying is a HUGE decision, especially in San Francisco where the costs of homes are out of control. But we were so relaxed having Danielle in our corner. We couldn’t have imagined having another real estate agent…..nothing but good things to say here.

Geri & Jeff L

Rockstar! Danielle came recommended to us by some good friends and we weren’t disappointed! It was our first time buying a house and she provided priceless guidance, understanding and support. We felt like we were in good hands every step of the way. She helped us keep our focus to achieve our goal of owning our first home. We felt she always had our best interests at heart when negotiating on our behalf. Although it seems crazy to think of it right now having just bought our home, we will absolutely come to her when and if we sell our home in the future. We have already recommended her to our friends and will happily continue to recommend her services. Aside from being a savvy expert in the field, Danielle feels like a friend. She’s easy to get along with, very personable and trustworthy.

Jeremy & Rose F

Danielle is absolutely amazing!!! Being a first time homebuyer is always such a daunting but incredibly exciting experience. Her experience and knowledge really helped us find our perfect home in a matter of weeks!!! Based on our needs – she provided us with all the options available, the information we needed and provided amazing guidance throughout the entire home buying process – not to mention referrals to experts in each field that really helped us close on our dream home in an instant! She really goes the extra mile – no request was ever too much and she always made herself available – phone, email, in person. We highly recommend Danielle and will certainly use her the next time around.

Chris C

Danielle is a great agent to work with. The process of getting our first place in SF was a breeze with Danielle recommending lots of great options and then handling everything in an efficient and timely manner once we settled on a place. She’s also friendly and makes a scary process easy. If you’re considering buying, I would definitely recommend giving her a call to set up an initial meeting to see if you get along. It’s important to work with some you trust and like when looking for a home and Danielle was that person for my fiancée and me

Bonnie W

Our daughter selected Danielle Lazier to be her agent when she decided to sell her condominium located on lower Nob Hill in San Francisco. We met Danielle because my husband had volunteered to help get everything in tiptop order for selling. The first thing we noticed was that Danielle had a good eye for what needed to be done such as painting, kitchen reconfiguration, floor refinishing, and she quickly went over those suggestions with us. She set a time line for completion to which we agreed. The second thing we observed was Danielle’s quick response time to any questions or concerns we had. She was always thorough with her information. She kept us informed as to what the San Francisco requirements were when working with contractors, and was always calm and diplomatic when any controversy came up among the various inspectors and contractors. Danielle really seems to know the real estate market in San Francisco, and is very good at communicating that information to both the buyer and the seller. Because of all of the reasons mentioned, the condo was only on the market 10 days before a full offer came in, and the sale was completed in about a month. In this market I would say that is really something!! We would highly recommend Danielle as your agent if you are either buying or selling a property.

Joanne C

She did a great job! Danielle helped me when I sold a home in Bernal Heights in August 2008. She did an excellent job. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. From photography and open houses to termite and home inspections, Danielle handled it all. And she kept me informed and up to date at all times. I really appreciated her input and valued her opinion throughout the transaction. She was well educated on the local market and always came prepared. My property was on the market for two weeks when we received an over asking price offer. Escrow was four weeks and we were done. Thanks Danielle! Oh, and I like her blog too!

Jeremy N

Danielle H. Lazier is my agent and is nothing but magnificent. From helping my wife and I find a place in time to have our baby, to holding my hand through concerns and crises, even when she didn’t have to (as we’d been in our condo for months), she’s always ready to supply information, counsel, and guidance. Danielle was our last in a string of agents we tried out, and she will continue to be so long as we’re both in San Francisco

Addy W

We are days away from completing our second real estate transaction with Danielle. As always, the process has gone very smoothly. Danielle walked me through the selling process (as it was my first time being on the selling side of the housing market). She provided me with a list of items to complete well in advance of listing the property, which reduced the needless last minute frenzy of getting the house ready for market. Danielle has been very attentive to our concerns/needs both as buyers and sellers. She very knowledgeable about the SF market, and provides sound advice for both pricing to sell and bidding. Needless to say, we will be calling on Danielle again for our next real estate adventure.

C. Roberts

Thank you for selling our home in San Francisco. Choosing an agent online can be difficult and I was very apprehensive about doing it that way. I can’t tell you how happy we all are that we found you. Your information and professionalism throughout the whole process was crucial and we can’t thank you enough. You not only got the job done in this market, you got us for MORE than we were asking! You are really a WOW!!!! Thanks again

Lee H

I would say different people expect different approaches from a realtor. We wanted someone who: Would understand we were serious about selling in one district and moving into a district that wasn’t hit so hard by the slowdown Would understand we were willing to do what was needed for a fast sale. Time was not on our side for some reasons I wont go into here Would not give us BS and would be realistic + honest about our situation We got all of the above. One thing I appreciated was how Danielle led us to realize our own mistake early on. We did not do enough homework on the area we wanted to move to and we were underestimating the prices of houses that we would consider by around 80k. Danielle told us that we were under but was patient enough to make sure we came to this conclusion ourselves when we saw how far our money would go. At all times we got realistic advice. We were not given inflated ideas about where we stood (I am sure a lot of realtors are not like that). Working with Danielle we were able to sell our old house very quickly. We got the price we were expecting and in today’s climate that is a big deal.

Alton W. & Joseph P

Selling (or buying) a house is an adventure filled with excitement, as well as anxiety. After 17 years of owning a home in SF, our first, we wanted an agent that would help lead us, as well as partner with us, on this see-saw endeavor. Even though Danielle had smartly marketed to us for over a year, we interviewed several agents. For us, it was cost-of-entry selection criteria that our listing agent knew the neighborhood, the market, the potential and the process. Clearly, Danielle had the credentials and capabilities to deliver on these elements. However, we were looking for that “something extra” – Fresh thinking, determination, flexibility, and a strong dash of reality – And, Danielle not only fit this extended profile perfectly, she exceeded it. The changeable and fast-moving SF market realities proved to be a challenge to some of our long-held our perceptions, yet Danielle offered up an honest diagnosis while respecting our wishes. Her suggestions about sprucing the place up and making some improvements were spot on. She understood our vision and honored our desires. It was a tough balancing, but she over-delivered. Throughout the relationship, from first visit through close of escrow, Danielle and her team regularly communicated, updated and were responsive. We were never in the dark or anxious about the next steps. Her positive outlook kept us upbeat and on the right track. Thanks Danielle! We would highly recommend her without reservation!

John P

All the way from setting a time-table, to picking the asking price, to painting, refinishing floors and backyard fix-up, to listing and marketing, to staging, to handling inspections, to running open-houses (during an unexpected late-winter storm!), to negotiating and accepting offers, to handling the mountain of (tedious but important) paperwork, and all the way to the very end, and although I was usually over 100 miles away the whole time — not once did I have to wonder what was going on, not once did I loose confidence, not for one second did I ever regret having Danielle and Cici as our team.

Susan M

In September of last year I took a job in a town about three hours drive from San Francisco…tried to do the back and forth thing, but by December it was obvious: if I was going to keep the job, which I loved, my husband and I needed to relocate. This was a life changing decision in and of itself, but complicated by the fact that we were facing either renting out our San Francisco home (even though neither of us wanted to be landlords) or selling it in what was perhaps the worst market for sellers in decades. We decided to sell, but were very apprehensive. Next step was to find a really good Realtor, as we were going to need a whole lot of help to make our decision happen! I went on the internet, and after a bit of research came up with several names, including Danielle’s. Of the several realtors we interviewed, Danielle was clearly the best prepared: she came to our first interview with personalized information about the market, comparable prices for houses like ours, and more. The other realtors we interviewed were nice, but not even a tenth as prepared! Indeed, one of the other realtors asked my husband and me how much we’d like to get for our home, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘well, of course I’d LIKE to get a million dollars, but those days are gone: I was hoping you’d tell me what you think it is worth and why’. Danielle did give us her recommendation as to listing price, and most importantly, the reasons for the recommendation (with plenty of research and information to back it up): It was then that I knew: Danielle was the right choice for us! We moved out in January, and then took a few weeks to paint, re-do the floors, and get the house ‘spiffed up’ for sale. We told Danielle that we were on a budget, and she gave excellent advice about where to spend money and where not to during the preparation process, and then went the extra mile to get us bids from contractors within our budget. She and her team (especially her very capable assistant Cici English) did an excellent job of managing the work and making sure that everything was done right; a very important role since it was tough to deal with while living several hours away. The end results were very impressive: hubby wistfully wished that someone could do a similar makeover for him personally! Bottom line: we listed the house in mid-February of 2009, and within about a week we had two offers, both for over asking! The offer we accepted came in on my birthday; talk about a wonderful birthday present! In my opinion, Danielle nailed the suggested listing price. Even in my daydreams, I didn’t imagine the process going as smoothly as it did. I cannot stress enough the difference that Danielle’s attention to detail, computer savyness, assertiveness in representing our interests, knowledge of the overall market and micro-markets in San Francisco, and marketing strategies made in the sale of our home. Moreover, she and Cici both kept us calm during the inevitable bumps in the road (though, to be honest, even the bumps seemed very minor thanks to their professional demeanor). We are now only a few days from closing escrow in SF, and in the process of buying a home here in our new town. We love our new home-to-be, but do have one regret: we wish it wasn’t too far away to make it practical for Danielle to be our realtor here as well. Our new realtor is doing a fine job, but every once in a while hubby and I look at each other and sigh, XXX (Insert New Realtors Name Here) is ok, but she is no Danielle. I think He or she is a Danielle may become our new code words for He or she is the best When I say Danielle is the BEST, I mean it! I give her my absolute highest recommendation, and wouldn’t dream of using any team but hers for a SF Bay Area real estate transaction.

Cori E

When my husband and I decided to buy a home in San Francisco, the recent down-market was just beginning to pick up steam. By the time we had secured financing and were ready to start looking with a Realtor, the market was becoming very competitive once again. When we began working together Danielle took a lot of time to get to know our family and find out exactly what we wanted/needed in a home. She helped us to narrow our focus and stick to our budget. When the market began to heat up and we found ourselves competing against a lot of other buyers, she strategized. Danielle was able to get us in to see a new house on the market that fit our needs before any other buyers were able to see it. We are now moving into that home and could not be happier. Danielle was there for us through the entire process right through to the close. When we had a last minute delay with our lender, she was there to make sure everything detail was taken care of. She is simply the best. If you are serious about buying a home in SF and are ready to take the steps necessary to make that dream a reality, then Danielle is the person to call.

Louis B. & Shauna S

Our chance encounter with Danielle at an open house led to a rock solid partnership and our first home purchase! As first time homebuyers, we were unsure of how the process worked. We had done some preliminary research and even met with a few other realtors; none demonstrated the same level of knowledge, support, enthusiasm, and je ne sais quoi as Danielle. From our initial consultation to the final signature, Danielle provided steadfast guidance and support. She asked smart questions to help us discover what we really sought in our home – her “game of nines” – applying her skill and knowledge of the market to ensure that we found the home of our dreams. Danielle knows not only how to monitor the market, but also how to stay focused through a process that can be an emotional roller coaster! She made sure that we were aware of everything taking place – answering every question (we’re the inquisitive type, to say the least) – while staying on schedule. As somewhat nervous, first-time homebuyers, Danielle was always available to address any questions or concerns that we had about our purchase, yet managed neither to be in our way nor make us feel rushed. We are so impressed by Danielle that she will be our real estate partner for life! We rave about her services to anyone who will listen.

Amy T

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been really happy with the process of listing the house so far. It’s been such a change from the last one. You are all so on top of everything, which I appreciate very much.

Margie P

OMG!!!, what can I say about Danielle?…professional, personable, incredibly knowledgeable…shall I go on? If there were more than 5 stars I would rate it as 100 stars. She was wonderful!!! She and her associate Cici was incredibly professional and efficient. Danielle was there for us in every aspect. She did a fantastic job in making everything run smoothly with the sell from repairs to insure that the house was up to date in making it so beautiful that I wanted to keep the house. I thought selling a house would take months of preparation & being on the market. Incredibly it only took 3 days of being on the market that we got our first bid. Within a week it was sold. If you’re looking for someone to sell or even buying a house, look no further than with Danielle & Zephyr Reality. Thank you!!!!!!

Sean McLeary

Danielle was a fantastic ally and resource during my first home buying experience. She helped us understand what we could afford, what the process would be, and how to get in an offer that would be accepted. She’s very knowledgeable of the San Francisco neighborhoods and the real estate market. Unlike the stereotypical agent who’s only out for herself, we felt Danielle was honest, friendly (but not in a superficial way), and truly had our best interests in mind. Now that we’re thinking of moving, she’ll be our agent to sell the house and buy a new one. I really wouldn’t go with anyone else. I just can’t say enough good things about her! Feel free to contact me if you still have questions. Pros: Warm, friendly, very knowledgeable, savvy, honest, organized Cons: None — really!

Sean M. & Corrinne W

This is the second time we have used Danielle as our agent — once when we bought our first condo together several years ago and again when we sold the condo and bought a single family home. I can’t say enough about her. She is a consummate professional and very knowledgeable yet manages to communicate with her clients in an extremely relaxed and comfortable manner. She helped us negotiate an extraordinarily stressful, complex situation with grace and kept our spirits up when we were discouraged. Now we are happily settled in our new home and owe it all to her! –Corinne Widico.

Roxanne & Neil

Danielle represented us on both sides of our recent property transactions and we couldn’t be happier with her high level of service. She’s tuned into the macro factors affecting the residential space and really has her finger on the pulse of local dynamics that dominate the San Francisco market (neighborhoods of choice, property type supply/demand, buyer demographics, etc). Most important, Danielle applied her broad knowledge to our unique needs as buyer / seller—-she was able to gauge our desires and concerns and then create a plan to satisfy them. She guided us through some very choppy waters (both personal anxieties and a shifting credit/finance market) with patience and tact. She’s direct, efficient, and driven by solutions. For us, Danielle solidified her reputation as a trusted advisor and should be recognized for her sensitivity, diligence and proven skills. PS Her marketing prowess is impressive—our Mission condo brought in 8 offers and sold for more than 13% over list price.

Sean C

Danielle and Tanya made our newbie home buying nightmare into bearable experience. We met with several other realtors beforehand but instantly felt comfortable with Danielle and Tanya. They are confident, knowledgeable, and well-connected in the market. They answered our endless questions in a timely and thoughtful manner, let us waffle when we needed to waffle, and we’re very straightforward about each home we looked at. We felt like they had our backs throughout the process, as if they were the ones buying the home. Now two months after closing escrow, Danielle still checks in on us to see how we are doing and to answer any questions. In the end, we could not be happier about Danielle.

Meghana P

Being a first time home buyer is extremely overwhelming…and I am so grateful that Danielle introduced me to Tanya. They are both extremely knowledgeable and patiently helped me find the right condo that was within my price range. I was very appreciative that they were able to accommodate my schedule and meet to show me properties after work and on weekends. Danielle and Tanya both have an extremely keen eye and would help me notice certain things that I would have never known to take into consideration. They want you to find the right property and are not just looking to make a sale. Their involvement does not end after you close escrow. I went through a challenging short sale process and Tanya was there with me every step of the way with as little stress as possible! The extensive list of recommended quality contacts that she has provided is a blessing to me. They are both extremely professional and made my home buying process as stress free as possible. They worked hard to make sure you are purchasing the right home. I couldn’t recommend a better realtors then Tanya and Danielle! Thank you again for all of your help!

Stacey M

I found Danielle through Yelp which is not how I usually find people that will play this important a role in my life (it took me a year to find dentist that I could commit to) but I was not disappointed. I initially just met with her assuming I’d keep thinking about things for a while but I liked her and her partner, Tanya, right away. I worked mostly with Tanya but Danielle kept up with what was going on every step of the way. With a small budget and maybe somewhat unreasonably high expectations I wasn’t sure it would happen but wasn’t willing to compromise much of what I wanted just to get into a place. Tanya emailed me about the place I bought several days before its first open house and I was dreaming of furniture placement that night. I knew I was in love when, during the open house as I was on my way out another potential buyer walked in and I had the (almost) uncontrollable urge to yell, “get out, this is mine!” Danielle and Tanya made it happen and then helped me navigate the somewhat long and frustrating close (it was new TIC to condo conversion and they had forewarned me) and kept me updated frequently on the progress. Danielle also sent me a booklet of business cards for referrals for various services-I have already used two and have been very happy. She also sent me a disk of all of the closing paperwork after closed. Small gestures like that were really helpful and demonstrated an attention to detail that I admire. I have to say that there was a part of me that was sad when it was all said and done to leave the safe haven of their constant guidance. Though I can’t imagine leaving my new place, if and when the day comes Danielle and Tanya will be my first call!

Amy F

We recently worked with Danielle and Kristen to sell our SF condo. We are extremely picky and detail-oriented people, so getting the right agent was a big deal to us. Danielle and Kristen were up to the task from the beginning. They showed an amazing memory for all the details we discussed, an incredible response time on email and phone, and an extremely organized approach to our sale. We were very impressed with their marketing approach, the property photos were great, and they kept us in the loop with their frequent communications. Our place sold quickly at a price we were very happy with. I would use Danielle and Kristen again, and I would strongly recommend them to my friends and family.

Chad L

Danielle and her team are excellent. I was dealing with cross country move and had to deal with buying and selling at the same time. Danielle is definitely the best broker I have ever worked with. She is very professional and knowledgeable from our initial consultation to the end. We polished up the unit with minimum cost to make my unit stand out from others. Once we got into contract, unlike other agents, she is very attentive and making sure the deal will close following the timeline. She even prepared a list of references; reminders for her clients to make sure the transition will be as smooth as possible. Danielle makes it happened and my unit sold less than 2 months.

Komal B

I will start this by saying I don’t write many reviews but felt compelled to write one for Tanya and Danielle. We started looking to buy a place in Feb 2011 and were doing it remotely from Boston (this adds level of complication most don’t have to deal with). We met with Tanya and Danielle to see if we were all compatible and they noted the key points we were looking for in a place of our own. Over the next few weeks they started sending us searches that potentially met our requirements. We dealt mostly with Tanya as they tag team and Tanya handles buys and Danielle takes care of sales. We had a great experience working with this duo and will return to them for our future real estate needs I thank yelp for helping us find her. I would recommend and having been recommending Tanya and Danielle’s services to anyone looking to buy in SF.

Mark W

Danielle is very knowledgeable and well experienced in the San Francisco Real Estate market. She is a reliable and helpful professional who understands what is in the clients mind very well. She helped us sell our house and buy a new one without any trouble. Also she has lots of connections with lawyers, electricians, movers, stagers, etc. which helped us a lot. This honest, cool headed lady is the ideal person to contact on any matter dealing with real estate in SF.

Stephanie & Jim

Danielle recently helped us sell our Noe Valley condo and I thought she did a great job. What I liked best about her is that she’s quite knowledgeable about the San Francisco real estate market and she’s very reliable. In particular, she proposed a number of things we could do (e.g. painting, refurbishing some of the floors and staging) to make the place look good to potential buyers without spending too much money. Once we decided on those improvements, she and her staff coordinated all the work and quickly prepped the placed for sale. All throughout the process, she kept us well-informed and promptly responded to our questions and concerns. In the end, our place closed within a month of the open house.

Randy M

Danielle was excellent real estate agent. She is always a great communicator and keeps us in the loop. We are very happy with Danielle as our agent in our house purchase!!! Thanks

Tom E

Danielle is a superstar! This is our second experience purchasing a home with her help and the counsel, advice, and transactional organization she provides is first rate. She is well versed in the real estate business and I find her to be a tremendous informational resource.

Leah J

Danielle, and Tanya her business partner, are fantastic – they helped me purchase my first house in SF, despite intense competition in the areas I was looking and a really low housing inventory. Danielle’s extremely knowledgable about SF real estate, able to give fantastic advice on market conditions and what’s likely to change in the near future. When I first started working with her and Tanya, we met to discuss what I was looking for – during that meeting she was very good at getting me to think about what exactly I wanted and setting expectations for all of us around the search process. She’s also a great advisor for the bid process – able to give smart, targeted advice on pricing & conditions and get the inside scoop on the sales process. I’d absolutely recommend her and would be delighted to work with her again.

Isabella P

As first time home buyers, we were quite wary of the home buying process. Danielle was amazing and made the process smooth and easy! First, Danielle works with a partner, Tanya. Danielle specializes in helping people to sell homes while Tanya focuses on helping people to purchase homes. While Danielle seemed to be the lead partner, because we were buying a home, most of our interaction was with Tanya. Nevertheless, our interactions with Danielle were all fantastic! Before our first meeting with her, she gave us “homework” and encouraged us to get pre-approved for a loan and to discuss any financing questions with our mortgage broker. This was a brilliant move because it allowed us to learn about the home-buying process in an efficient way and allowed us to have a realistic expectation of what properties we could afford before we officially even started our search for a home. Next, we met Danielle in person. She was kind enough to meet us on a weekend (to accommodate our schedules). At the first meeting, she reviewed our expectations and our reasons for wanting a home to make sure that she could appropriately focus her efforts. A few days later, she sent us a letter in the mail and it was clear that she had listened attentively to what we had discussed during our meeting with her. Next, she introduced us to her partner, Tanya. Throughout the home buying process, even though we were working primarily with Tanya, Danielle would consistently check in with us via e-mail to make sure the process was going well and that we were happy with how things were going. She sent us an e-mail to ask if there was anything that could be done better — who does that? That was awesome! She also sent us e-mails throughout the process: when we were first considering writing an offer, when we actually wrote an offer, when our offer was accepted, during escrow, when we closed, and even sent us moving tips and contacts after we closed! Danielle was so warm and thoughtful that it’s obvious after working with her why we wouldn’t think of working with anyone else when it eventually comes time to sell our home. Since we were buyers, we spent most of our time working with Tanya. First, Tanya’s husband is a contractor and she is incredibly in touch with what would (or wouldn’t) be possible if you’re interested in renovating a place. Second, she has an impeccable sense of the real estate market — there were a few houses that we were interested in but weren’t sure the listed price reflected the true value of the place. In every case, Tanya told us what she thought the place was should go for and in every case, she was within only a few thousand dollars of the actual selling price! Tanya is also incredibly good about maintaining good relationships with other real estate agents. This allowed her to discuss details with the selling agent and gain as much information about a property as possible. Finally, Tanya advised us while we were writing our offer; she helped to selecting our offer price and suggested changes to our conditions that allowed us to get the first property we made an offer on! Overall, we were very pleased with our home-buying process!

Shankar R

We just closed on a condo in downtown San Francisco and were the beneficiaries of Tanya and Danielle’s 5 Star service as the buyer’s agen I would vehemently echo the same sentiments mentioned by fellow Yelp posters when it comes to responsiveness, being a client advocate, their professionalism and going above and beyond the call of duty in exceeding our expectations. Ours was a tough transaction which took a full 4 months to close from the time we signed the first offer. They were patient and persistent right through in educating us about the process, giving us counsel on the best options, connecting us with their network of professionals including the lender and insurance agent and closing the deal. They did this all for us remotely as we are based in Southern California. We were referred to Danielle & Tanya by my niece a fellow 5 star recommender on this board and would in turrn recommend them without hesitation or reservations.

Michelle L

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I worked with Danielle to purchase our first home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. Being first time buyers, we didn’t know what to expect. We considered ourselves fortunate to be working with a smart and savvy realtor such as Danielle. She guided us through the complex process and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience with her. Then, at the end of last year, my husband was offered a job opportunity on the East Coast and we decided to put our condo on the market. Of course, we immediately got in touch with Danielle. We were nervous about selling the place we had just purchased a year ago, combined with the tough sellers-market. From the moment we met Danielle she had her game face on – presenting us with options and recommendations on timing of sale, staging of the property, pricing strategies, offer acceptance approach and ideas on how we could differentiate our condo from other properties. She and Kristen Gianaras did an absolute fabulous job on the marketing, keeping us informed every step of the way. Through marketing and private agent viewings, Danielle and Kristen got the condo out there. The first open house proved a huge success. We received over 100 visitors to the condo and we quickly received some valid offers. Danielle kept us informed on the process while offers were coming in and suggested we keep to the timeline she had set to ensure we received the best possible offer. A week after the open house, and via conference call, we were impressed by the number of offers received and quality of each. Danielle had done some negotiations already and provided us with clear recommendations on which were most suitable. As you can imagine, my husband and I were ecstatic when we heard the news and attribute the offers to Danielle’s savvy marketing strategy, on target pricing and all the hard work she and her team put in! We had experienced what makes Danielle one of the top realtors in SF. As expected, the contract process had some bumps in the process, but Danielle and Kristen were with us every step of way – they were prompt with their responses, organized with the information, and helped us stay calm through the anxiety filled process. If you are looking to work with a professional, no-fuss realtor – Danielle is your person And last, but not the least, we cannot say enough good things about Kristen. She is thorough, organized, detailed-oriented, professional, responsive, and simply fantastic!! We have enjoyed working with both Danielle and Kristen and would recommend them in a heartbeat!

Spring S

We just sold the home Danielle helped us buy 7 years ago. We appreciate her expert advice and great knowledge of the market, getting our house ready to sell and all of her amazing referrals. The team she’s put together with Kristen and Tanya are a winning combination. I can’t recommend them enough. Buying and selling a house can be very stressful, their team answered any questions, handled any of the bumps that came up with easy, taking care of them swiftly and with as little impact to us as possible. They helped us close for over what the building appraised for and ensured we didn’t have to give up money that was un-neccessary. They really do fight for you

Lita F

I rarely write Yelp reviews, let alone reviews of non-restaurant establishments, but Danielle’s potential customers deserve to know what a gem of a person she is, and the skill and dedication she brings to her profession. Danielle is a focused, knowledgeable, and diligent realtor who knows her stuff and gets results for her clients. I know few professionals who are as hard-working and honest, and committed to excellent client communication and contact. Also, she is smart, shrewd, and a creative problem-solver who can function extremely well under pressure. I’m sure all these traits are what have made her so successful in her career thus far! And while you could say I’m a bit biased (I’ve known this lady since we were undergrads in Connecticut in the nineties, our dogs play together, and we both have a penchant for wine, good food, and mindful/healthy living – it’s true! these things can co-exist!), I think the basis for my bias is more an extensive history that grounds and deepens my praise and respect for this amazing professional. I encourage buyers (and sellers) to work with Danielle, and will continue to refer friends to her. And, if I’m ever on the market again (my family is firmly set in our Oakland home at present), she is the one I’ll turn to. No question.

Erran B

Danielle and her partner Tanya guided and educated us through the intimidating and complex home buying process. While Tanya managed our home purchase directly (see link below), Danielle made the experience personal At our first meeting, we spent over an hour discussing what our top priorities, so that they could tailor the process to us. Two days later we got a letter from her in the mail bulleting-out those priorities, and promising us that they would work tirelessly to find a home that fit the bill exactly. As the home buying process progressed, she called us at least once a week to see if we had any questions she could answer. At close of escrow, she resent us that original letter, with each bullet check-marked, and a ‘congratulations’ at the bottom. It was true, they had found us the perfect home. Could we have bought our first home without all of this personal touch? Sure. But as a nervous first-time home buyer, it was incredibly re-assuring. That is what puts Danielle and Tanya over the top. I can say with certainty that working with Danielle and Tanya was the best experience I’ve ever had working with anyone in a services industry. If you’re looking to buy a home in San Francisco, don’t waste your time with anyone else – call them!

Damon V

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Danielle to anyone looking to buy a home, or in our case, condo. As first time buyers, my wife and I started the process with very little knowledge. We began our search thinking that a home in Oakland was the right direction. Danielle immediately introduced us to Ravi Malhotra (who we also recommend highly). After several weeks of looking at places in Oakland, we realized that a condo in SF suited us best. At that point we reconnected with Danielle and she picked right up where we left off. Because we chose a condo in a new building, there were several challenges that, had we not had an excellent Realtor, would have made our lives much more difficult. Danielle was an advocate, coach, negotiator, and ultimately, friend. Throughout the process, she anticipated the potential stumbling blocks and informed us ahead of time so we were prepared to make the right decision. Danielle struck a perfect balance throughout the process and we were able to close over the holiday’s, which is difficult to do. Her professionalism and attention to detail allowed us to relax through the process, because we knew Danielle had our best intentions in mind. We couldn’t be happier with choosing Danielle to help guide us through this daunting process. She continues to check in with us about the condo, but these days, we are more interested in meeting her for dinner and drinks! Danielle deserves all the praise she is receiving and if you choose her as your agent, you’ll certainly agree.

John P

Tanya and her partner Danielle are amazing! They are incredibly professional and know the SF real estate incredibly well. I could not imagine having a better experience working with any other agents. Aside from their expertise, they are phenomenally attentive and make buying a home as easy as possible. They respond to calls / emails almost instantly at any time of day and they do all the tough behind the scenes work pre and post offer. I worked primarily with Tanya. I had a particularly complicated house-hunting situation because I was living abroad and searching from houses from afar and then viewing as many as I could whenever I was in town. Tanya was very thorough in getting a true sense of what I was looking for, and then narrowed down a list of great properties to visit whenever I was in town. Tanya would never try to push anyone into a decision and is very honest and transparent about characteristics like quality, price, neighborhood, etc. Tanya was also a whiz with being able to calculate the realistic price something would sell for, the strength of an offer, etc. After making an offer on a place, Tanya is a tremendous advocate. She will do everything possible to ensure that the deal closes on favorable terms. She also goes way above and beyond in scheduling all inspections, getting estimates on any repairs, connecting you with mortgage brokers, banks, etc. I had complications in the process with one bank that could have caused the deal to fall apart, but Tanya quickly helped me transition to working with another bank and made sure everything stayed on track. After closing, Tanya has been a lifesaver by helping me find various people to repair minor things around the house. This has been essential as I have been in the process of moving back to SF, and she saved me hours of phone calls. Aside from being an expert on the SF real estate market, she also is very knowledgeable about home repair and has connections that she can refer to fix anything. I cannot say enough great things about Tanya and Danielle. I would recommend them without hesitation!

Sal C

Danielle and Tanya recently helped me purchase my house, as a first time home buyer It was great to have such an friendly, patient and experienced team to work with. What I liked best was that that she’s very knowledgeable about the San Francisco real estate market and didn’t push me out of my price range. It was great to have them on my side when looking at properties, they would walk me through the open houses and point out things I would never have looked for. Even after I have moved in I still get follow up emails and calls to make sure everything is going good, and I cant thanks Danielle enough for the referral list she made for me covering everything from plumbing, electricians, roofers all the way down to what day recyclables get picked up. I would use Danielle and Tanya again, and have already recommend them to my friends and co-workers.

Doug L

I believe it pays big time to follow a yelp endorsed realtor. Tanya (and Danielle) were tremendous. I am not an impulse buyer, and I got tremendous service and support from front to back. I actually bought a short sale (which is a paradox in terms) and Tanya worked and worked the process until I achieved my goal. I have the home I want, for the price I want and where I want. I can not say enough for the solid competence I found in working with Tanya and Danielle!

Salvatore C

All I can say is Rock Star! Tanya had me in the house I wanted in less than 30 days. Being new to the area It was great working with someone like tanya who really is dialed in and very good at what she does. We initially spoke on the phone on a thursday, met up on a saturday where she took me around to look at properties in my price range and also gave me some additional listings for surrounding neighborhoods. That sunday I went and looked at a house that I was interested in, we made the offer monday and got accepted by wednesday. It was great, when it came time to do inspection tanya had all the resources and to go above and beyond had 5 different roofers come out to give an estimate. That eventually resulted in a credit from the seller and I got a great price on a new roof. She even helped coordinate with my bank and escrow company to get me through that process. All I can say is your in really good hands with tanya and her partner danielle, and I cant thank them enough for all their help!

Elise C

I join the ranks of someone who rarely yelps, and did not expect much from Realtors. But Tanya has inspired me to write a glowing review — she deserves it! We worked with Tanya to buy a flat in the Duboce Triangle, and she has been a great advocate, negotiator, resource and support to us. I can’t believe how easy this process was for us. Tanya was always on top of all of the details and looking out for our interests. She gave us excellent advice, and it didn’t stop after we bought the place. She has continued to give us help on questions on everything from contractors to what to do about trash left in the garage by a former tenant. She responds immediately to our questions even though escrow has closed. She has been outstanding in every way, and is a real pleasure to work with. Tanya has recommended contractors to us who have responded immediately and shown up on time and done the work. Amazing — I never would have bought a place that needed work if I did not feel confident that Tanya could connect me to a posse of excellent contractors. I have not met Danielle but she and her team have been great at keeping in touch and checking in with us. I wish that all my service providers were so conscientious and smart; life would be so much easier.

Doug R

I have never written a yelp review, in fact I had to sign up just for this, but I have to say that the experience I recently had with Tanya and Danielle was amazing! My partner and I had our condo on the market for almost a year with another realtor, and after seeing other properties in our area sell swiftly (one by Tanya and Danielle), we gave them a call. They came over and we had a great meeting. Everything they proposed was positive and they were very upbeat about how quickly it would sell. It sold within a week of being on the market, and they were so patient with our questions (we had never sold before and had a lot of inquiries) and were extremely knowledgeable about everything from beginning to end. Thanks again, for everything, and we will definitely be using them again should the opportunity arise!!

Lynda D

Just wanted to let you know that we think you did a fabulous job selling our daughter and son-in-law’s condo in Noe Valley in San Francisco. It seems like you work so much harder than the agents we know in the Maryland area where we live. It was fun to help our family get the condo ready to sell and then you took over and sold the condo in record time. Great job!

Meg G

I chose Danielle as my listing agent because she was the first one who not only understood my needs, but knew who would be interested in the purchase. She put together a strong marketing plan and actively promoted the property. The result was a offer over asking on the eleventh day. Danielle and her associate Kristen helped me find tradespeople for the last minute fix-ups. I was at wit’s end and they just calmly gave me a name and number and voila – no more drama. I think “no drama” best describes how Danielle works. She is knowledgeable, experienced and resourceful. I strongly recommend her to anyone selling or buying in the San Francisco area.

Erin & Emily D

We were first time home buyers, excited to break into the market in San Francisco where we have been living for many years. Tanya and Danielle came highly recommended from a friend. From our first interactions, we were extremely impressed. They listened to what we wanted in our home and they were realistic about our needs given our budget. We worked mostly with Tanya as she typically handles the buyer side, but we were grateful to have this power duo. Tanya figured out the kind of property we were looking for very quickly. When we finally found the right home and were ready to put in an offer, we had an extremely difficult process with the seller. Tanya was absolutely on top of every possible issue. Every unforeseen challenge was met with swift solutions. She was a champion for us. Without her advocacy and negotiation skills we never would have gotten this house. She was always on call for us – she answered our endless questions with patience and clarity. It is obvious that Tanya has been in the business for a long time – her knowledge about every aspect of home purchasing and ownership is immense. She explained everything to us and made the process as smooth and efficient as possible. She put us in touch with all kinds of service people that we needed (roofers, handymen, etc). Tanya truly went above and beyond for us. In addition to Tanya and Danielle’s professionalism, they are both lovely, kind people to work with. Now, many months after closing, Tanya is still a very valuable resource for us and is just as responsive now and she was before (which is incredibly responsive!). It is hard to capture in this short review how truly amazing Tanya and Danielle are. We will never use another realtor in San Francisco. We give Tanya and Danielle our highest possible recommendation. They are the BEST.